Geneius - Your Parakeet Colors Identifier

Geneius is a very special program, it is a parakeet colors identifier! I wrangled my husband into making it as so many people ask what colour or variety their budgie is. This way you can work it out for yourselves and learn to recognise hundreds of combinations of parakeet colors and varieties. You answer a series of questions about your budgie and it uses the answers to work out what colour and varieties it is. It can identify all the varieties, apart from some very rare ones that are you are unlikely to come across, and all the combinations they come in.

Feel free to take a look at Geneius and let me know what you think!

At the moment Geneius is only available as a Windows Phone app. (There is a short story behind this, my lovely husband likes the Windows phone operating system and has been dreaming of one day getting one but with two small children and a mortgage there are just so many other bills.... Anyway, he went to a Microsoft Developer Training day and as part of it they were told that if they published an app within a certain time frame they would get a free Nokia phone! Lo and behold Geneius suddenly became a priority and was completed as a Windows Phone App in record time...)

I am hoping to convince him that converting it to a program you can use online is necessary to my health and wellbeing so it should be online in the not too distant future.... all going according to Plan A. This app is probably the fourth version of Geneius, we have been working on it for ages! It is amazing how a free phone can suddenly achieve a final version.

So, I am pretty excited by this! I am sure some of you will be sad that it is not available online yet, but the phone app enables you to identify budgies in shops, aviaries etc, so it is a lot more versatile than if it was only availble on your computer.

There are future plans to add images and maybe produce an app to work out potential breeding results, but we are starting with the basics and will go from there. So if you have always wanted a parakeet colors identifier, here it is! Geneius

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