About Me

Hi there, my name is Toni and I live in New Zealand near a city called Tauranga, in a region called the Bay of Plenty. Tauranga is a coastal city with lovely beaches, areas of native forest and a temperate climate.

My family comprises of myself, my husband and our two teenagers, living on a small piece of land that in NZ we call a lifestyle block with a few farm animals. I had a number of years without budgies but I now have a small aviary and breeding setup again.  I work full time in our family business which makes spinning wheels and fibre preperation tools - called Majacraft.

I got my first budgies (two pair) and a small aviary when I was fourteen. I soon added cockatiels, then more budgies! Eventually I needed a larger aviary with an area for breeding and I was really hooked! I bred budgies for many years, including in my bedroom at university (as a newly married, I have a very reasonable husband...). I have also kept and occasionally bred zebra finches, bengalese finches, cockatiels and bourkes parakeets. I have kept, but not bred, indian ringneck parakeets and rainbow lorikeets.

I hope to add more information to the website as I find time, adding information on breeding and sharing the enjoyment of these wonderful birds.

Feel free to make contact, I appreciate the feedback and will help with any questions if I can.



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