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When you have a sick budgie you want someone you can trust to help it. Most vets have amazing skills but may not have experience with birds. Many spend most of their time treating cats and dogs, or horses and cattle.  They may be experts in these animals, but these are all mammals.  They have as many similarities as differences, so a vet can treat one species or another with confidence.  Birds, however, are very different from mammals and experience treating them is important if you are trusting them with your budgie. An avian vet would be your best bet, they are  usually working with many different types of bird and will probably be very experienced with parakeets and budgies.

It is not always possible to find an avian vet nearby though, so a good vet who has some experience with birds would be the next best thing.

See below for a list of vets recommended by other budgie keepers. If you have an avian vet you'd like to recommend, please fill in the form below to help others.

Who Is Your Favourite Vet?

Lets compile a list of great vets that treat budgies!

I am sure some of you have spent hours trying to find a vet that you trust to treat your babies. Please share what you've discovered so others can save some time and maybe even their bird!

Also, we can support the good ones by encouraging others to use them.

What Other Visitors Have Said

Here is the list of recommended vets...

Australian Avian Vets 
248 Hamilton Rd, Chermside Qld 4032 07 3359 2233 They also have a web site: www.brisbanebirdvet.com.au and are on Facebook and instagram. The practice …

Holistic Vets 
Holistic Vets 56 Fraser Street Tauranga New Zealand Tel. : +64 7 578 7054 Fax. : +64 7 578 7634 info@holisticvets.co.nz Holistic Vets is a …

United Kingdom Avian Vets 
Marie Kubiak Manor Vets 371-373 Hagley Road Edgbaston Birmingham West Midlands B17 8DL When Chirpie our budgie broke his leg, we thought it …

Klapmuts Animal Hospital Not rated yet
Dr de Beer, +27218755063, +27716084873. Practice is in South Africa, Western Cape. Very caring gentle compassionate vet both toward birds and owners. …

Al Mumtaz Vet Hospital Not rated yet
I am staying in Duabi, UAE. I have 4 budgie (2 Blue, 1 White & 1 Yellow) These has been gifted from one of my friend, but I was really not knowing how …

Canada Avian Vets Not rated yet
This is a busy practice, but this is taken in stride, by the excellent, and efficient staff. I've been on the new pup/kitten side of things.... as well …

United States Avian Vets Not rated yet
Dr. Fields, She is best because she saved my budgie badly injured by falling on top of a Congos cage, My budgie was badly hurt and had a broken leg, …

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