Blackface Budgie

Blacface Budgerigar

What is a blackface budgie? It is a new variety that appeared in the 1990's in the Netherlands. Two blue birds with unusual markings were seen and bought by a breeder there. He bred them with his birds and managed to produce a small flock of them. Unfortunately they were all kept together, rather than being spread between a few breeders, and an illness struck and killed them, so it is thought that the variety had been lost.

So what do/did they look like? This variety has strong dark barring covering its entire head and face, even as an adult. It also has barring down its chest and abdomen, a feature which is unique amongst budgerigar varieties. This has a lovely and striking effect making the budgie very distinctive.

Sometimes a mutation like this will occur and a new variety is developed in more than one part of the world over the course of a few years. With some luck this mutation will occur again and become established. It would be very sad to have had them appear briefly then disappear forever. You can read more about the Blackface here.

I have heard of a couple of people recently who have interesting birds that are different from usual. So far they appear to be different from the blackface, though similar in the heavy barring on the head. It is hoped that they can reproduce more like themselves and maybe start a new variety.

I have a picture of one of these on the site, a lovely girl called Cinderella.  She is also picured to the right.

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