Brisbane Bird Vet

by Tricia
(Zillmere Qld, Australia)

248 Hamilton Rd, Chermside Qld 4032
07 3359 2233

They also have a web site: and are on Facebook and instagram.

The practice is open Monday to Friday. They service Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and the Gold Coast. Started by Dr Adrian Gallagher.

They treat lots of birds from budgies to other bigger parrots as well as ducks and chickens.

It's also a training practice for veterinary students to understand more about birds and their conditions.

Very caring, knowledgeable and always very understanding of how feathered friends and put their well being first.

My former budgie Petey was one of their patients for quite a few years. Unfortunately he got avian gastric yeast and despite a lot of effort on everyone's part, Petey died recently but he had a very happy and healthy life until the AGY got him.

Dr Adrian and his team gave me great tips on training Petey and making sure he had the best start in life ever... He was a fantastic pet and companion.

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