Budgie Anatomy?! Fear Not, Help Is At Hand

I know from experience how frustrating it is to be in the middle of a conversation about your budgie and suddenly realise you do not know the 'proper' name for that bit above the beak with the nostrils in it! Particularly when you can see the need for that name looming at the end of the sentence you just started....

So, read on, and learn all you need to know to converse freely and confidently. One day it may well be important that you know how to describe your budgie clearly and accurately to a vet if disaster strikes.

External Body Parts

These are the parts of your budgies anatomy you are most likely to need to know, along with the feather types, which are discussed further on.

It covers most of the things you can see when you look at your budgie. So following the link below will take you to a picture with the basic external anatomy of a budgie labelled. If you need to know your vent from your tail coverts, then this is the place to go!

click here to learn about your budgies body parts

The Feathers

Feathers are an important part of budgie anatomy. They give our birds their shape and beautiful colours, enable them to fly and play a role in courtship.

There are several different types of feathers that do specific jobs such as keeping your budge warm and allowing it to fly.

click here to learn more about budgie feathers.

Internal Organs

Not many of us ever get to see the insides of a budgie, thankfully! However there are times when it is very helpful to be able to picture what bits go where and how they are related to each other.

Eventually I will be adding a page to cover the digestive tract and digestion process of budgies, and probably one to cover reproduction. For now, though, I am just going to cover the basics of our budgies internal organs.

Digestive Tract

Now that we know where all the internal organs are lets look at how your budgie digests its food. The budgie digestion page will show you the important parts of the digestive tract and describe how your budgie digests its food.

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