Budgie Pictures
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The parakeet pictures page was getting too big, so here is page 2!  Add your budgie picture here and add to this great collection of beauties.

grey spangle budgerigar cobalt budgie, cinnamon budgie dominant pied budgie, budgie cage
Budgie or Smudge Dexter and Isaac Oliver

budgie on bed head budgie perching on arm budgie perching on hand
Bear Chalie my darling Tweety my best friend

light green cinnamon budgie cobalt recessive pied parakeet grey recessive pied budgerigar
Rio - my best buddy Angel Katie

budgie chicks, normal budgerigar chicks flock of pet budgies albino budgie, domnant pied parakeet
Lovely chicks The Fab Four Budgie and Bella

cobalt normal budgerigar, violet pied budgies in an aviary
Buster and Boo Tinkerbell, Lary and Yoshi My Sweet Peeky

recessive pied blue fledgling budgie olive opaline parakeet
Quill Gimli Ellie and Jake Vanderbeak

Sky Queenie Snowy


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