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Giving Fun And Exercise!

A quick look in any pet shop, or online store, will provide a multitude of budgie toys available for your pet. So which ones should you spend your hard earned cash on?

I think there are some fantastic toys out there, but first I am going to tell you what my budgies loved to do the most while out playing… It really depended on what I was up to. If I was writing, they would quickly find the tip of my pen to be the most fascinating thing on the planet. It is amazingly difficult to write with two or three budgies, and the odd cockatiel, fighting over the end of your pen! If I could dissuade them from that then the edges of the page became irresistible, and chewing those pages became compulsory!

If I was not doing anything in particular then the fun game was preening my hair, swinging off the collar of my shirt, playing with a zip or button…

Basically, hanging out on me, and making life difficult, was the best fun there was. So don’t think you have to spend lots of money to keep your budgie happy. Most of the toys in shops can be replicated with bits and pieces around the house; you would be amazed how popular a scrap of rag with loose threads can be! However if you feel like spoiling your pet, what toys should you provide for them? All the budgie toys on this page are ones that I think your feathered friends will enjoy, and will enrich their lives.

Play Gyms

Most budgies like climbing, hanging off things, chewing threads, ringing bells and scratching their heads on things. So to increase their fun there are many types of ‘play gyms’ or ‘climbing stands’ on the market to choose from. Firstly, make sure it is one suitable for budgies.

You can choose between colourful gyms and plain wood, usually doweling, ones. This is a matter of personal preference. Just make sure that the coloured ones do not have any toxic materials. I wouldn’t give my budgie a toy that I wouldn’t let a baby chew on.

You can also get a safe climbing net made for parrots. They can climb up, down and through the net and can come in a small size making it a fantastic budgie toy.

Chewing Toys

Chewing is a natural and necessary part of your budgies make up. They need to keep their beaks nicely worn, strong and agile, it also provides mental stimulation and activity while they are in their cage.

Think about how it feels to be sitting still for too long, and you get an 'itch' to get up and stretch, walk and get some fresh air. Now imagine you are unable to for some reason and are stuck unable to move about indefinitely, it is like that for a budgie that wants to chew but has nothing to munch on.

When coming into breeding condition it becomes a strong instinct for the hen to chew and she will find something to destroy regardless of whether you want her to or not, so it is best to provide something you are happy for her to chew up before she gets to your wallpaper! Even aviary birds need to chew so don't forget to provide for them too.

I would recommend natural products for budgie toys, (wood, paper, plant materials) things that are similar to what they would find in the wild. And make sure there are no dangerous chemical dyes in them! You can get items like chewing 'bagels' that slip onto a perch until chewed through enought o fall off, which are good fun.


Most budgies like to swing, and hang about, and there are many options to keep your bird entertained. Ropes to climb and swing on were always popular in my aviary and were some of my favourite budgie toys.

Some nice ones are made of sisal and can have a bell on the bottom. They will love climbing up and down and ringing the bell. There are also triangle swings, made of a safe rubber like material so will be an interesting contrast to what your birds feet are used to, and is feels fun to bite. They often have a disk on the bottom for biting and twisting.

And the most important point to make is; look critically at everything and try to anticipate how your bird may get injured with it, because they are masters of finding trouble to get into!

Safety Considerations

As always, you are responsible for your birds safety, please buy your toys from reputable sources. Make sure they are not made with materials or colouring agents that are not safe to be ingested, as you can be sure your budgie will swallow bits at times. Be extra careful with any type of rope. Budgies will chew and shred these if possible, and some strands could be swallowed. Many budgies have died after a mass of rope strands has clumped in their digestive system. It is also life threatening if they get a strand wrapped around a toe or leg. Often the damage is severe before it becomes obvious. So, buy toys made for parrots rather than non-chewing type birds, and check them regularly for fraying. They love to play with hair and loose threads, and so long as they are being supervised it can be a great way to entertain them. However, I wouldn't leave them unsupervised with any rope type toy if it is coming loose or fraying. Safety first!

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