Budgie Varieties with Brown Markings

There are three budgie varieties with brown markings that you are likely to come across. This means the stripes on the head, down over the neck and the wing markings are a shade of brown instead of black.


Normal and Cinnamon budgies side by side.

The throat spots, wing markings and barring on a Cinnamon budgie are a lovely warm brown shade. The color on the body is reduced to a paler shade than normal (maybe ½ as dark), and the feet and legs are pink rather than grey. The long tail feathers are the usual color but the quill is brownish. As chicks Cinnamon budgies have dark plum coloured eyes, but these darken as they grow until it is difficult to distinguish from a normal black eye. The cere is the same color as in normal birds. So you can recognise a Cinnamon chick in the nest from when it is just newly hatched.

Cinnamon budgies usually have a lovely soft look to their body feathers which combines with their pale markings to make them very attractive. In the image above there is a Cinnamon SkyblueYellow Face Type 1 hen and a Normal Skyblue Yellow Face Type 1 hen, they are sisters. You can see the difference in markings color and the strength of the blue.


Fallows are one of the budgie varieties with brown markings similar to Cinnamons, though the tail is more of a greyish brown than the Cinnamons dark blue. The body color is much lighter than Cinnamons, looking blueish-white or greensih-yellow. Fallows also have red eyes, pink legs and feet and the beak is orange in color. The cere in fallows also differs from Cinnamons and Normals. The adult hens are the usual brown but the adult cocks cere is a flesh colored.

There are in fact several Fallow types; the German Fallow, Japanese Fallow, Australian Fallow, English Fallow and Scottish Fallow. The most common two are the English and German, they look the same except for the eyes. The German Fallows have a darker red eye with a white iris ring. The English have paler red eyes with a similar colour iris ring, so it appears they have solid red eyes.


Blue Lacewing budgie hen

A Lacewing has brown markings that are paler than either Cinnamon or Fallow, and a pale brown tail. The most obvious difference between them and the other varieties with brown markings is the fact that they have either yellow or white body color. They have lost the green or blue shade almost totally. So they are very pretty and distinctive birds.

They have red eyes with the usual white iris ring, fleshy pink feet and legs, and the adult cock has a flesh colored cere. The other thing to note is that the violet cheek patches of lacewings are usually quite a pale shade of violet. The tail should not have the grey/blueish shade that fallows have.


This variety is so rare you are unlikely to see one. It was believed extinct, has popped up again occasionally but is not safely established as yet.

From what I have been able to learn, this variety has brown markings, it has red eyes at hatching similar to an ino and develops an iris ring as an adult that remains brownish and is not very obvious.

The body color is not diluted, so it has brown markings with a normal coloured body.

You will notice that these varieties can be combined with most other varieties to produce Opaline Cinnamons, Spange Fallows etc. They can also come in all the usual body colors: greens, blues, greys and violets.

So if your budge has brown markings as well as other features that differ from a normal, then return to Budgie Varieties to work out what other varieties it may belong to.

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