Can a Budgie Live Alone Happily? (Answered!)

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Budgies can live alone but there is a lot to it you need to know. There’s no such research or solid scientific evidence that says budgies can’t live alone or can live alone. 

However, it depends on a lot of factors. Some budgies can make the best pets living alone and enjoying themselves with their owner. On the other hand, some may require partners. It is so because every little birdie is different.

In this article, you will learn the kith and kin about budgies living alone or with partners benefits and drawbacks. So let’s get started!

What Is The Nature Of Budgies?

Budgies, often known as Budgerigars, are social birds. They usually hang out in flocks in the wild, chirping. It means they love interacting with other birds of the same species and prefer to stay together.

When you keep a budgie as a pet, remember it is not with its flock anymore. It means that by staying solo, the little birdie is missing out on all the fun and stimulation it could get, staying in a flock naturally.

Now, a single budgie can stay happy with all the facilities in a cage. Yet, it would be a pleasure for the bird to have a companion because of its nature. However, humans can also be a great companion for budgies.

What To Learn About Budgies Living Alone?

Budgies won’t die or do not have any health risks if you keep one alone in a cage. But, you have to understand its mental health and its demands. Some budgies stay happier alone in a house.

Generally, these are the ones who get enough attention from their owner or other family members. It gets adequate food and water, maintained hygiene, care, playtime, and stimulation through activities or conversations with the owner. And they are just more than satisfied with it. These budgies are easy to maintain as pets.

But the crucial part is the “Attention” it gets. It is not ideal if you work late all day and have no time to interact with your birdie. In such cases, your budgie may feel uncomfortable, become stressed, and develop anxiety.

Moreover, continuous practice in this manner may even make your budgerigar suffer from depression, resulting in health issues and even premature death.

Another thing to remember is that, in some scenarios, even if you give your budgie enough time, it may still feel the need for a partner. Your companionship is not always enough. So, understand your budgie and figure out what it wants.

What To Learn About Budgie Living With A Partner?

The first thing that comes into a beginner bird owner’s mind is, “Would I be able to maintain two or multiple budgies at once?” Well, let me clear your thoughts about it.

Budgies are tiny birds that are sensitive. In controlled surroundings, budgies live well, but you must always be prepared for medical emergencies for your little birdie. 

Now, think about having a pair of budgies. Altogether, they will need to have double the amount of food, water, perches, medical facilities, etc. Plus, you can’t keep two budgies in a tiny cage; you must keep them in a spacious one.

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If you are well prepared to spend the extras and do the double maintenance, then there are no issues. Keep two budgies. But, if you are doubtful about it, then reconsider your decision. 

Another thing to heed about keeping a budgie pair is that budgies do not always become comfortable with the partner you enter in their cage. Let me explain it elaborately. 

Suppose you have had a single pet budgie for a while. They might fight if you randomly get another budgie and enter it into the previous budgie’s cage. Because that new companionship will raise questions in their minds.

Think about it as you live in a room alone, and suddenly, someone else you don’t know starts to live with you. It will make you worry, won’t it? So, it is the same with budgies or any living being. 

To avoid this mess, first introduce your budgie to its new partner calmly. Keep the second budgie in a separate cage first and put it in front of your first budgie’s cage. This will make them see and know each other.

Once they get used to each other’s presence, you will notice them communicating by chirping. Maybe it is now the best time to keep them together in one bigger cage.

Things To Consider While Leaving Your Budgie Home Alone

Budgies can go through stress and separation anxiety when you leave them home alone. If you have a pair, they may still feel it because you are not around. It happens because your birds adore you and see you as a flockmate. 

Leaving a single budgie or budgie (pair/multiple) home alone for a couple of hours is not a big deal. But, if you plan on leaving your budgies home alone for several days or weeks, below are the facts to consider. 

Suppose you will be out for a day or two. Ensure you put enough fresh food and water for your budgies in the cage. They will be a little bored but pass the days well without developing issues. 

However, leaving budgies alone is not ideal if you are out for more than two days. The biggest issue will be the supply of fresh food and water. They are picky eaters and often refuse to eat if their food and water are contaminated.

No matter what amount of food and water you put in the bowl, it may not eat as it won’t stay fresh for an extended period. The other two issues are being unable to fly in big space and determining their day.

Budgies must fly out of their cages at least half an hour a day. Even if it doesn’t fly, they must be put out of the cage for a specific time. Otherwise, stress might trigger them. When you are not by their side, no one can open the cage and let them free.

Birds determine their day when the sun rays or light comes inside. This means they understand it’s the daytime when you open the curtains. So, if nobody is around to open the curtains, they might become confused, affecting their food habits.

Also, not having the warmth of daylight for days may make your birdie sick. So make sure there is someone like a pet sitter, a neighbor, or a friend who will regularly visit your house and take care of your budgies.

You’ve come to the end of the article.

I hope this article has given you a good explanation of whether a budgie can be happy living alone and what’s needed to keep it well and content on its own.

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