cecelia, my beautiful 4 month old budgie!

by Ella
(Blackwater, Queensland, Australia)

Cecelia, or CC for short, loves bells and will chew in any material she can get her claws on! She never bites people, and is very quiet, although her wings aren't clipped, so I am hoping to teach her not to fly away. She lives alone with no other budgies, but she plays with our neighbour's budgies almost everyday- Teresa, Aussie, Skye, Bridget, Parka, Rocky and Rainbow are their names, and they also own a few quails, and both the budgies and quails are breeding. I, myself, owned a budgie called Mickey before CC. i am unable to show you a pic of him, because in all the pics.... he's dead :(
Wish me luck handling my NEW little handful!

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