All You Need To Know About Your Budgie

Budgies (also known as budgerigars or parakeets) are fun, lively and intelligent, and make wonderful companions!

cobalt spangle opaline budgie

Their small size makes them suitable for most people and age groups. They come in a huge range of colours, they can be tamed and trained to talk, they do not have complicated needs and are relatively easy to breed. Having said all this I must also say that like any pet they do need to be respected, well cared for and have their basic needs met. If you don't do the necessary research you are likely to do them more harm than good and lose a beloved pet.

However with the right information you can give your budgerigar a long and happy life whilst enjoying a wonderful pet or venturing into breeding the many varieties (which, believe me, can be a source of never-ending pleasure). That is why I have produced this website. I want to share with you the information you need to get the same amount of joy and satisfaction out of caring for your budgie that I have had.

So feel free to look around, make yourself at home and join in! If you can't see the information you are after simply use the search box above. I love discussing the many different varieties and budgie genetics, so feel free to make contact and share your questions or interests.

Good starting points:

  • Budgie Care 101

    Budgie care. All the basics, plus more! If you want to give your budgie a long, healthy and happy life then you must understand what its needs are. Covering diet, accommodation, toys, health…..

  • Budgie Anatomy – Know Your Parts!

    There is so much to know about budgie anatomy, but fear not, help is at hand! Here you will find the basics, and not so basic, to stretch your knowledge.

  • Budgie Genetics For Owners And Breeders

    These articles on budgie genetics will enable you to understand where your budgies colour came from, or to breed a specific variety you love!

If you have an avian vet then add their details below, it may help someone save their budgie in a time of illness.

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