My Adorable and Cheeky Budgie Fred.

by Jen
(Taylor AR)

Younger Fred Posing.

Younger Fred Posing.

We got Fred in the summer. At first he was really shy and scared but after he got used to the noises in our house he became such a sweet little bird but with some naughty streaks, he has an attitude that is for sure! He loves to fly around my room, I can't let him fly in the livingroom since my mom doesn't appreciate him landing ontop of her head XD. Anyway, he loves teasing our dog Kayda, he can be sneaky and mean but the two are best buds it seems.

He can talk a little now which sounds so funny! He is very light in color, i don't know if it is because he is still young or just a mutation but he is pretty nonetheless! Though the first picture is a bit old now, his nose is now blue-ish purple but his feathers are still very pale and light.

Fred loves to be outside, sometimes if the weather is sunny, i take him out in his cage and set him on our porch. He just loves it, tries to imitate all the wild bird sounds and loves to just sit on his perch soaking up some sunlight and warmth. But i have to wire his cage door when i don't want him to escape since he knows how to open it.o_O


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May 10, 2020
I have a same female like you

I hane a absolutly same colour also female like yours, name is "Baby Blue ". She also love my redbone coonhound.

Mar 03, 2017
Fred is a girl
by: Heidi

I see a beautyfull Girl :)

Oct 24, 2011
by: Anonymous

Yes, his coloration is a mutation, and it looks like it's the dilute (as well as the blue mutation, of course). The only mutation I know of that changes color with age is the yellowface -- their yellow spreads further down their chests with successive molts, making them greenish-blue.

The photos are great, but please be careful with little Fred around your dog! You never know when instincts will suddenly kick in, and Fred could be gone in an instant. Take good care of the little sweetie! :)

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