Newton, my shy newbie

by Laura Stephenson

Newton from the side.

Newton from the side.

I've had Newton for a week now, and I'm not sure which gender she is. I know she's still really young, since she has stripes down to her cere. She looks a lot like Fancy!


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May 13, 2010
Fancy and Newton
by: Toni

Hi there,

They both look like recessive pieds, so both parents would need to have the gene.

Young hens have a whitish area around the nostrils. Adult male recessive pieds have pink/flesh coloured ceres rather than the usual blue.

May 12, 2010
by: Anonymous

Wow,she sure does!!!I raised Fancy from a baby.Baby Females make a loud warning sound when startled,and seem to protest more if they dont like something,while a Male tends to be very sweet,with wayy less attitude than the average Female Budgie.Someone also told me that because Fancys Father is pied,that would make Fancy a Female.Not sure about that.Let me know if the blue cere shows up for you,and ill do the same..just in case Im wrong,lol--it happens:"_

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