Parakeet Pictures
The More The Merrier!

Do you want budgie pictures, budgerigar pictures, parakeet pictures... How ever you say it this page has them! It got too big so feel free to check out page 2 .

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My sweet boy Allen My Vanilla Rena and Pizza

parakeet pictures, blackface, coalface, mottled parakeet pictures, skyblue spangle yellow face type 2 parakeet pictures, skyblue spangle yellow face type 2
Cinderella - a one in a million budgie Sparkle Fancy - my six week old budgie

parakeet pictures, recessive pied budgie partakeet pictures, violet yellow face budgie
Newton - my shy newbie Cloud - my little ray of sunshine Buddy - my best friend

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Blue My Adorable and Cheeky Budgie Fred Kiki - always handsome!

parakeet pictures, Double Factor Dominant Pied budgie budgie, cobalt, yellow face, greywing, clearwing budgie, parakeet, cinnamon opaline skyblue
Andre Young the budgie Raindrop Brynley the hooligan

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Rainbow and Sparkles Ella and Ben Lights

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Seth Cameron Caldwell T. Rex Down Time

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Snuffaluffagus Blu Lou

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Blu and Jewel Jadee Rainbow did a runner

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Lucy or Lutin Song Alex

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Gorgeous fledgling Peetee Vanilla

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shimma my mirrical bird my new buddy Abdo And Gomana

lutino, ino budgie, yellow parakeet lutino parakeet, skyblue budgie, light green opaline budgerigar
Boo Boo Kiwi, Blu and Tony Charlie

cobalt normal budgie
Pearl Cecelia Spangle and Show Budgie

skyblue dominant pied cock cobalt pied budgerigar light green budgies preening
Pide Angel Joey and Jim

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