Tweety my Best Freind

by Tweety's mommy



Tweety is the loveliest budgie ever!! He was so easy to tame, though when we first got him we thought he was a female, because the pet shop workers said he was! We've been calling him 'lily' for the past 3 months! He's an absolute sweetheart and loves everyone in the family to bits. He would snuggle on my chest for hours on end. I just LOVE the little guy and how fast he got tamed. Bless his little heart, he's moulting now so it's quite hard for him, but he's coming towards the end of the process so I am very glad the pain will be over for him. I feel so lucky he was very friendly from the first day I took him home, when he was just 3 months old! Bless the little guy he thinks I am his mommy! Well, I do spend nearly all my day with him so I don't blame him.


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Aug 31, 2016
How Beautiful! I mean Handsome! ;)
by: Anonymous

What a beautiful bird you have! I love the splash of yellow on his face...adds a little bit of sunshine. Love him! We have one right now that we're waiting to see what the gender is. My parents are hoping it's a girl cause we have two boy budgies that are mateless (our other female apparently knows what she wants and is really hard to get:)

Mar 02, 2013
Boy or girl
by: Bird girl

What color of beak did he have? Brown pale or pink is a girl blue or purple is a boy

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