Do Budgies Like to be Sprayed with Water?

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Raising the budgies can get confusing sometimes. I mean, should you bathe these birds? Or do they share a hydrophobia like cats?

Budgies enjoy gentle water sprays as these mimic the rainfall in the wild. You will catch the birds singing and chirping out of happiness. The budgies feel refreshed as the shower promotes preening and puffing behavior. However, some budgies hate the misting and show every sign of discomfort.

How would you know if your budgies like to be sprayed with water? Can you, anyhow, make them comfortable with misting? Catch the answers below.

Budgies Love to Get Wet. But Mind The Following Situations

People claim that budgies get crazy over water. I wouldn’t say they are wrong. But the statement is only partially true.

See, budgies enjoy water sprays. They compare it with natural rain. And like any bird in the wild, the captive budgies also flatter their wings and enjoy the light misting.

Out of instinct, budgies start preening. You can watch them grooming the feathers and tidying up during this shower session.

However, budgies can be a low-intelligence species. Yet, they have free will and preference. Unsurprisingly some budgies fly away whenever you start misting their feathers.

The below chart will tell you whether the budgerigars are into the spraying or not.

Signs That Your Budgie Is Loving The Water Spray

  • The pet is soaking more water from the water tray
  • It is playing with water
  • The budgie is chirping and singing
  • Its eyes look bright
  • The bird is flattering the wings and preening

Signs That Your Budgie Is Uncomfortable With The Water Spray

  • Your budgie is literally screaming
  • Squeaking, along with furious wings fapping, is also a red flag
  • The bird is moving away from the water
  • It starts pacing back and forth in the habitat
  • Instead of preening, the budgie starts pulling off the feathers out of frustration

How to Spray a Budgie with Water?

Do not just blame the budgies for hating water sprays. Sometimes, as an owner, you fail to encourage your birds to take a shower. Let me tell you how the proper way to bathe a budgie,

Check Today’s Weather Forecast

I always choose a bright, sunny day to mist my budgie. The rainy days feel damp, considering the high humidity in the air.

There is always a risk that you can overwet the pet, making it sick. Similarly, bathing the bird in cold weather will only make it chilly.

Arrange A Spray Bottle

Some people encourage the budgies to soak inside the water tray. Honestly, I am not a fan of this procedure. I am more comfortable with the spray bottle. You will find these bottles in the pet stores.

The Tap Water Might Work

I suggest you refill the spray bottle with fresh water. Tap water is safe as long as it contains no harmful minerals. If you are not sure, just go with filtered water.

Water Temperature Is Important

Apparently, budgies can not stand cold water. So, you should only use lukewarm water in the bottle.

Say No to Cleansers

Budgies can self-groom themselves with their beaks. So, adding chemical cleansers to the water is not necessary. The chemicals only harm the birds.

Be Gentle with Spray Pressure

Turn the spray head to mist and gently spray over the pet’s head. Observe the budgie’s behavior towards the water. Continue the process only if the bird seems interested. 

Give The Birdie Some Time to Dry

Once the bath is done, take the budgie to a dry and warm place. There, your pet will dry naturally within an hour.

Why Spraying Budgies with Water Important?

People often consider bathing the budgies as an optional task. Sorry to disappoint you. But you are wrong.

Misting the budgies has several benefits. Such as,

  • Dirt accumulates in the bird feathers over time. Water can wash off the dust.
  • Budgies enjoy preening under the water shower.
  • Your pets can feel the heat in the scorching summer. Misting it regularly will cool its temperature off.
  • Molting is very common in budgies. Their skin gets itchy due to this condition. Bathing the pets can ease their pain.
  • Too dry surroundings can cause breathing issues in budgies. So, spraying them with water only improves their respiratory system.
  • Regular misting can also reduce the unhealthy dander or skin-shedding pattern in your budgies.


Mist your budgies at least twice a week and choose any time between the morning and early afternoon. It’s great if the pets enjoy the bath.

But do not force your budgies to take a shower if they feel uncomfortable with water spray.

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