Yes, Budgies Eat Cilantro! Things You Need To Know

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Pellets make up almost 70 to 90% of the budgie’s meal. That is just unhealthy, and you should explore some green options for your budgie. But what greens are safe for this bird? Can budgies eat cilantro?

Budgies can eat coriander, which is also known as cilantro. Like most greens, these leaves are stuffed with nutrients. Besides, budgies love the taste of this herb. Yet, only occasional feeding of cilantro is advised instead of making it a staple food.

Is there anything wrong with cilantro? How much coriander is safe for the budgies? Catch the details below.

Can Budgies Eat Cilantro?

Well, our salad dressings are incomplete without coriander. Your budgerigars also love that lemon-like minty taste of this herb.

The coriander leaves are safe for the budgies. This herb has all the essential vitamins and minerals that can boost the immunity of your pet birds. In addition to that, the percentage of oxalate in cilantro is really low, which makes it even safer. 

In short, cilantro is a good meal option for budgies. But do not rush into any decision. Let me finish.

The fresh coriander includes traces of essential oils. Therefore, stuffing the budgies with cilantro can backfire on positive health factors. In fact, coriander in bulk is poisonous to birds, and it might lead to physical complexities.

Benefits of Feeding Cilantro to Budgies

Did I just put a negative thing about cilantro in your mind? Ah! That is nothing.

You are in control of how much coriander to put in your budgie’s meal. Let’s forget about that and instead focus on the advantages of cilantro for a moment.

1. Unbeatable Nutritional Benefits

A 10g serving of coriander leaves provides,

Vitamin A34 mcg
Vitamin C2.7 mg
Calcium 7 mg
Potassium 52 mg
Sodium 5 mg
Iron 0.18 mg
Carb0.37 g
Protein 0.21 g

Besides, cilantro is also rich in vitamin K, beta carotene, and selenium. A regular shot of this nutritious vegetable boosts immunity in the budgies.

Furthermore, the green will increase hemoglobin production in the birds, promoting healthy oxygen delivery in the system.

2. Improved Heart Health

The high potassium level in cilantro benefits the heart of the budgies. This mineral maintains a healthy heart rate and blood pressure for the birds. Moreover, potassium plays a significant role in muscle functionality, the central nervous system, and kidney blood filtration.

3. A Healthy Digestive System

Coriander has a moderate level of dietary fiber. Therefore, breaking down fats and proteins becomes easier for the budgies. As a result, these birds can enjoy improved digestion and better mineral absorption in the gastrointestinal tract.

In addition to that, cilantro assists in removing excess water from the body and maintaining healthy bowel movements.

4. No More Inflammation

Inflammation is a common problem in budgies. Thanks to the high percentage of antioxidants in cilantro. The nutritional content safeguards both the internal organs and outer skin, preventing any form of irritation.

5. A Detox Diet

Budgie’s little body can not bear the heavy metals and toxins from the commercial meals. Cilantro can literally save pets from any negative effects. The green will squeeze out the unwanted elements from the pet’s system, promoting sound health.

6. Fight The Bacteria & Parasites

The anti-microbial properties of coriander can build a defense against bacteria (Salmonella ) or other common fungi. Apparently, the leaves come in handy in killing the internal parasites and worms in the budgies, too.

7. Other Benefits

Corianders are high in vitamin C. We all know that this vitamin can repair and heal torn tissues by increasing collagen production. Besides, this green assists in hydration and gets used in the hepatitis cure.

How You Can Serve Cilantro to Budgies?

I am very picky about greens. The store-bought cilantro often includes pesticides. So, I grow coriander for my budgies in my garden.

Always choose the organic cilantro if you buy it from a store. Do not forget to wash the leaves in any scenario.

Even with the hard beak, budgies find it tough to nibble the cilantro stem. So, you better remove them altogether.

Remember this, overfeeding the budgies with coriander can be proven dangerous! The safer option is to offer the bird cilantro 2-3 times a week.

Generally, budgerigars are always up for the cilantro leaves. But do not be surprised if your budgie refuses this green. Remember, these birds are smart enough to have a food preference.

How to Prepare Cilantro for Budgies?

You can not just toss cilantro in the budgerigar’s meals. There is a certain way of preparation. For example, chop the leaves into small pieces so the birds can easily consume them.

Offer the raw coriander to the budgies and see whether they like it. You can also mix the leaves with the seeds, pellets, or millets. This can add freshness to the diet and enhance the taste.

Risks Involved in Offering Cilantro to Your Budgies

Linalool and furanocoumarins are among the other toxins in cilantro. Because of these elements, eating coriander in bulk can make the budgies physically ill.

Vomiting, nausea, pain in the abdomen, and diarrhea are some common reactions that the birds get from overfeeding this green. In fact, pets can lose their feathers due to an allergic reaction to cilantro.

Therefore, you should always take precautions before offering coriander to the budgies.

  • The leaves should not exceed 10% of the entire meal.
  • Offer coriander 2 to 3 times a week only if the birds enjoy the taste.
  • Avoid stem, seed, or cilantro oil at all costs.
  • Never use old coriander or greens grown with pesticides in preparing the meals.

What Are Some Alternatives to Cilantro for Budgies?

Some safe alternatives to cilantro are, 

  1. Dandelion
  2. Cabbage
  3. Pea shoots
  4. Swiss chards
  5. Brussel sprouts
  6. Kale
  7. Carrots
  8. Mustard green
  9. Collard greens
  10. Zucchini

Many more greens are available in the market. No matter which veggie you choose, never overfeed the budgie with it.

We’ve finally arrived at the conclusion. Lastly, I want to say that cilantro is safe for budgies only when offered at a moderate level. This green enhances the meal flavor and offers an immunity shot.

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