How Smart Are Budgies? (Small Birds, Big Brains)

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Budgies have tiny bodies with much tinier brains. But if you judge their smartness based on their brain size, you would be wrong. So, how smart are budgies?

Due to their ability to learn to talk, sing, and be trained for tricks, budgies belong to the smartest bird species. They can solve puzzles, create emotional bonds, and have long-term memories. As they are naturally talkative and loud, their ways of communicating with their owners also hint at their smartness.

Here goes more on these adorable smarties.

Are Budgies Smart?

Yes, and there are many things to back it up. For example, they have a remarkably long memory span. If it learns to do something now, it will remember it for years without practice.

Speaking of their memories, budgies are easy to train. You can teach them to talk, sing, and learn tricks. Every training requires you to give them treats to associate with following the trick. That is how they remember and differentiate between positive experiences and negative experiences.

Another evident characteristic is their sociability. Budgies love communicating with each other, having partners and families, and bonding with their owners. They have specific courtship rituals and mating behaviors that indicate their intelligence.

So, yes, your birds are all beauties and brains together.

How Smart Are Budgies?

Budgies are brilliant enough to mimic different noises and learn commands. You may even have noticed yours copying sounds it hears in its surroundings. It is how it gets used to its environment.

Wild budgies do this to know each other and make a community. It also helps them signal one another when they sense a predator nearby.

Watch this interesting video where a budgie mimics the sound of a zipper.

Smartness is especially important for male budgies to impress females. And it should be no shocker that females prefer intelligent males exhibiting problem-solving skills to males without such skills.

These are just a couple of factors that prove their intelligence. Understand that your budgie not showing such skills does not mean they are dumb. Their mental development depends substantially on their environment, so that is where your role comes in.

I will get back to it in the end. Have a look at the comparison first.

How Smart Are Budgies Compared To Other Pets?

Since getting a concrete measurement of budgies’ smartness is impossible, let’s compare them to other pets to give you a better understanding of their intelligence.

Compared To Chickens

Budgies are slightly sharper than chickens. Chickens can recognize their owners and understand the concept of rewards and good behaviors, but they cannot communicate their needs.

That is where budgies are superior. They will do certain things to express their demands, use tools and toys to play and solve games, and even speak and sing when trained.

Compared To Cockatiels

They both are clever members of the parrot family. You can teach both to mimic your speech and pronounce words and sentences. But budgies beat cockatiels in terms of taking the time to learn something.

Cockatiels are comparatively large and a bit slow at catching up. You will need more time with them. But budgies are super active birds and learn things faster. They get an extra mark for that.

Compared To Lovebirds

Lovebirds and budgies can play games and interact with humans. Yet, budgies have an edge due to their communication skills and long-term memories.

Compared To Dogs

Budgies and dogs demonstrate similar capabilities in problem-solving games, emotional intelligence, and memory-related activities.

Budgies will properly express their needs to make you understand. You can teach them commands and hundreds of words by training them. While dogs are highly trainable to communicate their needs, there is nothing conclusive about how many phrases or commands they can remember.

Compared To Cats

It is the same as the above. While cats do better at solving problems and coping with new environments than dogs, they lack the communication skills of budgies.

What About A Comparison With Human Intelligence?

How Smart Are Budgies

It may sound ridiculous because humans are obviously much more intelligent than budgies. But when you properly compare your trained budgies to human toddlers, you will be surprised.

Budgies understand our grammar structures and order their learned words correctly. When you match that with an average toddler’s language intelligence, the latter will lag by miles. Furthermore, your budgies will maintain object permanence while solving tricky puzzles. Many toddlers will have a hard time doing so.

Such analogical reasoning was once believed to be possessed by humans and a handful of other mammals like monkeys and rats. But now that budgies are proven to have it, too, there is no denying their remarkable smartness.

Why Are Budgies So Smart?

Budgies are smart because their brains are larger, and neuron density is higher than those of most birds. Birds have a neural circuit, Pontine Nuclei, that facilitates their behaviors and mental processing. Budgies have a highly active neural circuit that makes them so bright.

Do Budgies Recognise Their Owners?

Yes, budgies can indeed recognize their owners through sight, voice, and positive interactions you’ve had with them consistently.

Budgies have good vision and can easily recognize familiar faces. They can also learn to identify their owner’s voice. Moreover, if you do things like feed and play with them, they’ll associate you with positive experiences and will consider you their owner.

Can Budgies Understand What You Say?

Budgies are surprisingly smart and can grab some of what you speak, but they don’t understand everything like humans do. They can learn to mimic words and phrases they hear often, but they may not understand the meaning behind the sounds.

Some research suggests they can pick up on tone and simple grammar. So, if you greet them happily, they might learn to associate that tone with the greeting. Interesting, right?

However, budgies can understand some words based on tone and familiarity, but not complex conversations.

How Do I Keep My Budgies’ Intelligence Sharp?

Offer them frequent and regular scopes to utilize their brains. Give them the following things to enhance their mental stimulation and development.

  • Give them foraging toys and puzzle games. They will keep your budgies engaged for hours and ensure good mental exercise.
  • It is a must to put them in a large and spacious cage. They need private space to stay comfortable, stretch their wings, and fly around. A small cage will suffocate and stress them, hampering their mental health.
  • Decorate their cage with multiple perches set at different heights. Along with exercising regularly, your budgies experience different views and perspectives. That will make their life inside the cage enjoyable.
  • Socialization is pivotal for budgies’ growth. They demand attention from their owners and love playing with them. Additionally, they enjoy each other’s companions. So, consider having them in pairs.
  • Let your birds out of the cage occasionally. It is vital for them to feel the fresh air and fly freely every once in a while. Of course, it needs enough planning and strict supervision. However, providing them with a stimulating environment will significantly benefit their neural functions.
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