9 Essential Toys Budgies Like To Play With Explained

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Super shops have many pet bird toys that you can buy for your birds. But be a little picky if you have budgies because they may not play with everything. Then what do budgies like to play with?

Budgies like to play with swings, ropes, ladders, shredding toys, chew toys, balls, bells, ladders, cardboard, and birdie bangles. They are also fascinated by solving puzzles. Additionally, interactions with you can be a fun playtime for them.

So, today’s topic is how to keep your budgies engaged in fun activities to ensure a healthy life. Let’s dive in.

Do Budgies Even Need To Play?

Yes, budgies need to play to stay physically and mentally healthy. It improves their life by revitalizing their hearing and visual senses.

Playing with toys keeps them occupied and fends off obesity while reducing their anxiety and stress. Solving puzzles and foraging toys keeps them sharp.

An important physical benefit is that playing shapes their beaks by keeping them at the right length. Additionally, playing with their owners is vital. It creates a bond between them and you.

As social birds, interacting with their human parents is a need for budgies.

What Do Budgies Like To Play With?

Budgies love colors. So, the first thing about their toys is that they must be vivid and colorful for them to like. Pet shops often make toys customized for budgies. You can look them up.

Secondly, budgies like playing with those toys that represent their natural environment. That does not imply that you should put leaves and branches in their cage. But get them the toys that make them exercise, pique their interest, and stimulate their exploring, chewing, swinging, and climbing instincts, which they usually do in the wild.

Here Are 9 Essential Toys That Budgies Like To Play With

what do budgies like to play with

I prepared a 9 list of toys you can get for your budgies, mentioning how they can play with them. Read them all to get an idea.

1. Chew Toys

Budgies love chewing toys, which help their beaks stay in shape. When buying them, look at their materials.

It is best if they are made of leather, paper, woven vine, or destructible wood. The ones with dumbbells and rattles are the most enjoyable for them, as they produce a sound when chewed.

2. Birdie Bangles

Birdie bangles consist of tightly folded cardboard layers. Hang them on your budgies’ cages, and they will pick them up to munch on. That way, there will be a source of entertainment inside the cage.

3. Shredding Toys

It is a cost-efficient option. You do not need to buy shredding toys. Find old newspapers or paper-made stuff in your house and give them to your budgies. Then, enjoy watching them shred those into pieces.

4. Ropes, Swings, And Ladders

These toys satisfy your budgies’ urge to climb. You can install them inside the cage to lure them into climbing. It will strengthen their muscle health by improving coordination.

You can also try changing their perches’ position as a way to challenge them. It will intrigue their exploring instincts.

5. Puzzles And Games

Puzzles and games increase budgies’ cognitive skills by testing their intelligence. These mini-sized feathery beauties love to work their brains by solving puzzles. Interestingly, females find problem-solving males more likable. (Looks like they are sapiosexuals, huh?)

So, if you want your budgies to have chicks, get them exciting puzzles to arouse their mating behavior.

6. Cardboard

You can make DIY toys with cardboard, food containers, and shipping boxes by creating roles, circles, or triangles with them. Your budgies will enjoy them in many ways, i.e., by shredding, bending, or pecking at them.

But be careful. Sometimes, the birds accidentally swallow them. If they seem to do so, avoid giving them such toys.

7. Balls

Budgies play with toys to exercise and stretch their legs. It prevents joint issues. Pack a ball with their treats, and it will encourage their foraging tendencies.

8. Swings

Budgies, especially the ones with clipped wings, find swinging entertaining, as it gives them a sense of flying. They love the movement of air through their wings.

9. Bells And Chimes

Bells and chimes excite budgies with their noise. When they tap the ball, and it moves while making noise, they find it highly delightful.

How Can I Play With My Budgies?

what do budgies like to play with

No matter how many toys they have, budgies will always want you as their companion. So, do the following things to play with them.

  • Talk to them. Affectionate talking makes budgies feel loved.
  • Save your bathroom singing for your budgies. They enjoy music and might even respond to you by chirping pleasantly.
  • Pet them gently around their neck and head. They enjoy human touch and often reciprocate by grooming you.
  • Give them their toys and be there when they play.

Why Are My Budgies Not Playing With Their Toys?

It may often happen that your budgies do not like all the toys you give them. And that is normal. Their personalities differ, so one budgie’s favorite toy may not be another’s.

However, sometimes there can be other reasons. A new toy in the cage may make them nervous, or they may be sick and not want to play. If it is the latter, take them to a vet and find out what is wrong. Otherwise, try to reduce their fear, show them how to play with a toy, or create a mess with toys to interest them.

Here’s how to make your budgies play with the toys:

Reducing Fear

Reduce your budgies’ fear by introducing the toy first. Put it in a safe distance from the cage for a week. Then, move it closer to the cage’s bottom to let your birds smell and touch it when ready.

Teaching How To Play

Show your budgies how to play with a toy. An animated display will also encourage them to use the toy.

A Clutter Of Toys

My budgies love shredding papers when I make a clutter of them. You can try that with yours. Seeing a bunch of shredded papers will influence their instinct to look into them. This trick always works.

So, there you have it.

Remember, a happy budgie is a stimulated budgie! So keep your budgie happy and active with a variety of safe toys to prevent boredom and satisfy their natural instincts. Also, your Interactions can be a fun playtime for your feathered friends.

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