Are Budgies Good Pets

Are Budgies Good Pets? A BIG YES!

Budgies are quite popular worldwide as pets. In fact, they’re the third most popular pet globally, after cats and dogs. Their charm lies within their …
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Can Budgies Eat Carrots

Can Budgies Eat Carrots? (Yes, They LOVE It!)

Carrots give us a light sweetness and a satisfying crunch. They are full of important vitamins and minerals that keep us healthy. But what about …

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Can Budgies Eat Watermelon? (Read First, Then Feed)

Many of us love eating watermelon, especially in the summer when we must stay hydrated and refreshed. But can budgies eat watermelon too? If yes, …

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what do budgies need in their cage

Must-Have Items Budgies Need In Their Cage: CHECK OUT!

Stuffing your budgies’ cage with all the beautiful things you buy from pet shops will not necessarily make them happy. You should understand their needs …

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Can Budgies Eat Sesame Seeds

Can Budgies Eat Sesame Seeds? (Good And Bad Explained)

Seeds and nuts are common foods for most birds. So, when preparing your budgies’ diet, you may consider including sesame seeds. But can budgies eat …

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Are Parakeets And Budgies The Same

Are Parakeets And Budgies The Same? (Find Out Now!)

So, it has been a while since you brought some budgies to your home. Then someone came to visit and started calling them parakeets, which …

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Can Budgies Eat Sunflower Seeds

Can Budgies Eat Sunflower Seeds? Yes, But With Caution!

A budgie’s diet should combine different berries, nuts, vegetables, fruits, and seeds. When you prepare the portion of seeds, you need to know which seeds …

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Budgie Illness Symptoms

Budgie Illness Symptoms: How To Tell If A Budgie Is Sick?

Like other animals, your budgie can get sick. As a budgie owner, you are responsible for identifying their illness symptoms and giving them proper treatment. …
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