14 Surprising Reasons Why Are Budgies Good Pets

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It is hard to find a bird enthusiast who doesn’t have or never owned one or more budgies. There must be a good reason behind that, right?

However, it’s possible that you have some questions on your mind, like: Are budgies good pets? Is there any drawback to having them?

If you need answers, I suggest you stick around. Because at the end of this article, you will realize why budgies are the ideal pets for you.

1. Budgies Don’t Need Lots Of Space

Even though budgies love flying around, they don’t need a large cage. According to the Center for Animal Rehabilitation and Education, budgies require 18″×18″×24″ size cages with 1/2″ bar space.

These small birds do well in any average-sized bird cage, but you must make sure the cages are tall enough for the budgies to move freely. Also, budgies like to be perched up high.

2. They Are Inexpensive

If you are looking for inexpensive pet birds, budgies are ideal options. Depending on your location, the cost may vary. But I can assure you that it will still be far less than many exotic pet birds.

Here’s a tip, purchasing budgies from breeders usually costs less than bird shops. Also, budgies that are more commonly available are inexpensive compared to the rare ones.

3. They Are Low-Maintenance Birds

With their smaller size and moderate appetite, budgies don’t cost much to care for and maintain. Moreover, the food they eat is not costly.

Since budgies eat chopped fruits and vegetables, you can find most of their food at home. You can also provide them with seeds or seed mix, which they thrive on.

What you may not like to know is that budgies can be messy. They poop every 12-15 minutes and 50 times on average every day.

But the good thing is that they are not smelly, easy to clean, and only require thorough cleanliness once a week.

4. Budgies Have Beautiful Appearance

Are Budgies Good Pets

According to Wikipedia, budgies have over 30 primary color mutations, which makes them a show of color.  They are bright, stunning, and truly beautiful to look at.

Having such birds in your care certainly feels great! So you can have budgies with a variety of colors to make your day more colorful.

5. They Can Do Tricks

If you don’t have budgies already, you won’t know how clever they are. They love learning new tricks and show off whenever they get the chance.

You can teach them various games, such as dropping right based on color, playing with balls, hanging upside down, and more.

Some budgies love playing fetch, hide and seek, peek-a-boo, and can even learn skateboards. They can even imitate human interactions and manners.

6. They Are Quite Loving

If you think your cats or dogs are the only ones who feel love and affection, you are wrong. Budgies also show their affection toward their human buddies.

They show it by calling for you, jumping around when you are around them or when you come home, and getting excited when you touch them.

They will also climb on you and nuzzle their heads against you to show love.

7. They Are Therapeutic

According to The ESA Registration of America, birds can be a therapeutic and emotional support animal. Since budgies are affectionate birds, they can help you overcome stress, trauma, fear, mental breakdown, etc.

With such feathery friends at home, your mental health can improve over time or help you keep occupied.

8. Budgies Are Good For Kids

Are Budgies Good Pets

No, budgies are not to be kept as toys for kids. But having them as pets can bring a sense of responsibility to the kids in your house.

They will learn to take care of the birds with you, and it will also teach them to be kind and selfless toward other animals and birds.

9. Budgies Recognize Their Owners

Remember how I said budgies grow affection and attachment to their owners? Well, it allows them to recognize their owners by voice, smell, and even movement.

They are very fond of their human owners and think of them as part of their folks. And when they don’t see the owners for a long time, they do miss them.

10. Budgies Have Interesting Personalities

Just like humans, budgies also have their own personalities. And their personalities are quite interesting.

Some are naturally more shy and less social, while others are loud and more cheerful. Some would love activities and get trained easily, while others might not.

They might also have different food preferences.

11. They Are Birds of Melody

I call budgies the birds of melody because they have melodious chirping. It makes your home livelier and helps you feel more relaxed. Their various tones and sounds change your home atmosphere to something more serene.

It feels like you’re completely surrounded by nature.

12. You Can Potty Train Budgies

You cannot prevent budgies from pooping 40-50 times a day. But you can certainly minimize the mess-scattering habit or pooping here and there by potty-training them.

There are several ways to potty train a budgie. But being patient when they learn is part of the process too.

13. Travel-Friendly

The tiny size of budgies is an added advantage if you travel often. They can be a great travel companion, and you can carry them in small carriers pretty much everywhere you go.

However, make sure the carrier or cage is secure, and don’t forget to carry water and food for your travel buddy.

14. They Have A Long Lifespan

Another good thing about having pet budgies is that they have a longer lifespan.

Research shows that budgies can live for 15-20 years. Even in captivity, they can live as long as 5-7 years on average and sometimes more.

That means you can have budgies around for a longer time than most birds. But to ensure that, provide the birds with healthy food and take care of their health.

In A Nutshell

Budgies can be a wonderful pet for beginners and bird enthusiasts. Their ability to interact with humans, doing tricks, melodic chirping, etc., can be a great source of joy for anyone.

However, even though they are low-maintenance birds, make sure to learn all about caring budgies to provide them with a healthier and happier life.

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