Must-Have Items Budgies Need In Their Cage: CHECK OUT!

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Stuffing your budgies’ cage with all the beautiful things you buy from pet shops will not necessarily make them happy. You should understand their needs and decorate the cage accordingly. So, what do budgies need in their cage?

Budgies need several perches, a bell, a swing, a food bowl, a water bowl, a cuttlebone, a rope, and a bathing bowl in their cage. You can also give them foraging toys and mirrors.

In today’s article, find more about preparing the best environment for your budgies.

Why Do Budgies Need Toys And Perches In Their Cage?

Budgies are curious and intelligent birds. You cannot put them in a simple cage with food and water bowls and expect them to be happy. These birds need activities to engage in to stay sharp and healthy. Lack of activities makes them lethargic, bulky, and depressed.

So, there should be things in their cage to keep them busy. They grow well when the cage environment mimics their natural environment and fulfills their instinctive needs. Toys, swings, perches, games, ropes, and other stuff that offer the birds mental stimulation should be in their cage.

And there are other factors, too. But before I address how the stuff above helps your budgies, let’s talk about the main thing first: THE CAGE.

How Large Should A Cage Be For A Single Budgie?

A cage should be at least 18x18x18 inches large for a single budgie. It should be twice the size for two birds, thrice for three, you get the idea. That is because you have to give each budgie enough space to play, eat, sleep, and stretch its body comfortably.

It also matters that they are protective of their space. So, keep the cage as large as possible to prevent fights and ensure comfort and freedom for your birds.

What About The Cage Material And Shape?

A metal cage coated with a durable, rust-resistant, and budgie-safe material will fit your birds. Do not go for plastic cages or metal cages with a plastic coating. They will break them by chewing, hurt themselves on the edges, or eat them and choke. Such cages are risky for them.

Regarding cage size, a structurally vertical and rectangular cage is the suitable option, better if its ceiling is domed. It will let the budgies jump freely without bumping anywhere.

What Do Budgies Need In Their Cage?

As you know about the cage, let’s talk about the essential stuff you should put inside it for your budgies.


Perches are a must-have for captive budgies. They need them to rest and sleep like wild budgies.

Some owners consider putting a bed for sleeping, but most budgies do not need it. You can keep a bed or not, but perches are a must.


Budgies love swings. They are a source of entertainment, and they help them maintain balance so they do not fall.

Foraging Toys And Games

Foraging toys and games stimulate budgies’ instinctive nature of foraging. Playing with such toys is like a brain exercise for them, which benefits their mental health.

You can find various toys and puzzle games designed for them in local and online pet stores. Buy them or make them yourself from household materials.

Your budgies will love both, especially if you join them and cheer them on for their performance. Remember, these clingy, attention-loving creatures need your companion, too.


Mirrors are essential for single budgies. When they see themselves in a mirror, they think more budgies are around and chirp and fly to interact with their reflection.

Personally, I think bringing a partner is better to alleviate a budgie’s loneliness. But if you cannot manage that, a mirror will surely help.

Water And Food Bowls

Keep fresh and enough food and water in their bowls. Change the leftovers daily and clean the bowls before refilling them.

Consider having separate bowls for each budgie if you can. Budgies can sometimes fight over food, and you don’t want hungry birds bickering over their meals!


Additionally, put a bell, a rope, and a cuttlebone in the cage. A bell’s sound will amuse the bird, whereas a cuttlebone is its favorite grinding toy. Putting a rope will arouse its climbing urge.

All these things enrich their lifestyle and growth.

How Should I Select Perches?

There are factors to consider when selecting perches because they are beneficial for maintaining your budgies’ claw and beak health. Therefore, ensure they meet the following criteria.

  • The material should be organic, i.e., wood or rope. Their soft surfaces will not hurt budgies’ feet.
  • A budgie needs 2 to 3 perches. Do not buy stone, metal, or stone perches because they do not provide enough comfort. If you must, keep one wooden perch, at least.
  • Avoid sandpaper or sanded perches by all means.
  • The width should be about an inch. Any narrower or broader than that could be harmful to your birds.
  • One of the perches must be on the cage floor. You can hang the others.

Is A Bathing Bowl Necessary?

A permanent bathing bowl is not necessary. But it would be good if you could arrange it once in a while, especially if your region has dry weather.

However, budgies love playing in bathing bowls, as they encourage their preening behavior. Moreover, it will help them stay cool during hot temperatures.

Can I Put Plants In My Budgies’ Cage?

As budgies can enjoy checking out plants and leaves, so yes, you can put safe plants in their cage.

Houseplants, such as snake plants, some money plants, e.g., coin plants and jade plants, and succulents like hens and chicks, are safe for your budgies to nibble at.

That said, the plants need maintenance, a lack of which will make the cage messy. Your budgies are better off without plants unless you have a sizeable aviary and can provide regular maintenance.

Should I Frequently Clean The Cage?

You should clean it at least once a week. First, remove everything from the cage and wash it with mild soap and warm water. Rinse it well and let it dry.

When cleaning the cage, you can place the birds in another cage or a safe area away from cleaning stuff or anything harmful to budgies.

Once the main cage is clean and dry, you can put the budgies back in their cage.


Now you know what do budgies need in their cage.

Before you bring these things for budgies, make sure the cage is big enough. This way, you can easily place these items inside the cage without space issues. Do not overcrowd the cage. Because it restricts their movement and can cause problems.

Furthermore, it’s important to choose toys that are safe for birds. That way, they can play and explore without getting hurt. These toys are made just for budgies, so they’re designed to keep them safe while they have fun.

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