Do Budgies Need To Be In Pairs? Definitely Yes!

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Are you a new bird owner thinking of having a budgie? If so, you want to be sure whether it will be a single one. What if it feels lonely and desires a companion? Do budgies need to be in pairs?

Budgies are better kept in pairs if you can provide sufficient care and maintenance. However, a single budgie will also do fine if it gets lots of human interaction, love, and time.

Here is more on their preference for staying mingled.

Why Do Budgies Need To Be In Pairs?

Budgies love staying active and socializing with each other. It gives them the connection, mental stimulation, and companionship that essential for their health.

Even in captivity, they will yearn for that connection and want to interact with others. If they do not get that chance, they will suffer from loneliness and depression, often demonstrating behavioral issues.

So, it is better to keep them in pairs rather than alone.

What If I Cannot Keep A Pair Of Budgies?

Having a pair of budgies requires lots of work and effort. So, if you cannot keep a pair of budgies and want to have only one, you must give it plenty of time.

The bird will need a spacious cage with abundant elements to occupy itself. Plus, you will ensure it gets enough playtime with you.

It is manageable for owners who work from home and can give their birds all the time they need. If that is your situation, you can have a single budgie without any problem. Otherwise, only toys and mirrors will not be enough to keep the bird happy.

In fact, social interaction is an integral part of their behavior. It is one of the basic things about budgies. So, do your best to cater to that need.

Can I Keep Two Male Budgies Together?

Yes. There is no problem keeping two male budgies in a cage. They will soon get along, become friends, and develop a bromance. You will notice their bonds in their constant chirping, playful fights, playing, and preening.

But there is a thing or two to bear in mind. First, the cage should have enough space to make the birds comfortable. If not, it will stir their territorial behavior and cause fights.

Second, if you have a female budgerigar, do not keep it nearby. It will create conflict between the males when they become desperate to win her attention. Don’t make it a love triangle, okay?

Will A Pair Of Female Budgies Also Stay Together?

You may have heard that keeping two female budgies together is hard. But that is not as bad as it sounds.

I once kept two females together without facing any issues. It only gets hard when you do not ensure enough space for both.

It is true that they are not as tolerant as male budgies and also show more aggression. They tend to be more protective of their space.

Once you give them no reason to feel stressed about that, they will stay with each other peacefully.

What If I Put A Male Budgie With A Female One?

Do Budgies Need To Be In Pairs

It is the best option to put a male budgie with a female one. However, there is a good chance they will mate and have chicks soon. Even before so, the most important thing is that they get along with each other.

Each couple of budgies differs from one another. Some create a bond quickly, while others need time. Again, giving them enough personal space in the cage is crucial.

The next concern is breeding. If you want to have baby budgies, give your budgie couple a proper diet, a breeding box, and regular vet checkups.

What If I Do Not Want My Budgie Pair To Breed?

If you do not want your budgies to breed, make them used to a lifestyle that does not promote breeding behavior. For example,

  • Do not keep anything your budgies can use to hide. Plus, remove any nesting boxes. Both impact their mating tendencies.
  • Lowering the amount of high-energy and fat foods will reduce their desire to mate.
  • Separate the male from the female during the breeding season. Put them together after it passes.
  • Reduce the hours of sunlight they receive during spring. It encourages their breeding behavior.

But these steps do not guarantee that they will not mate and breed. If they do, talk to a vet about their care and find a good home for the chicks.

Why Is The Cage Size So Important?

As much as budgies like socializing and staying engaged in activities, they need space to rest. It will trigger their territorial aggression and cause fights if they cannot do that.

So, how do you determine the cage size? Considering you let your budgies spend time outside the cage, the recommended size for one is 12x18x18, and for two, it is 30x18x18. However, remember the following things.

  • The cage should be a lot larger if they are always in captivity.
  • A cage housing two females should be larger than a cage housing two males. (I already explained that above.)

Can I Keep Three Budgies Together?

Keeping three males or three females together will be fine. But if you keep 2 males and 1 female, the males will fight for the female. And if you have 2 females and 1 male, the females will fight over toys, food, territory, and the male during breeding.

So, I would recommend you refrain from maintaining such combinations.

Can I Put Other Birds With My Budgies?

Do Budgies Need To Be In Pairs

You can put other birds, i.e., zebra finches, cockatiels, and lorikeets, with your budgies. They will give each other great companionship.

In addition, there will be more things to deal with when allowing other birds to mix with your budgies. For example, the dietary requirements will be different and must be adequately met.

Furthermore, each should have enough space to avoid conflicts. Their personality differences will affect their compatibility. During breeding seasons, their moods will change and can make them hostile. You will need to observe their behavior closely and regularly.

So, consider them all carefully before deciding on this.

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