Do Budgies And Cockatiels Get Along? (Answered!)

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Both budgies and cockatiels are social, like any other bird from the parrot family. But budgies can be nosy and dominant, which is not easy for other birds to tolerate. That’s why it’s very common to ask, do budgies and cockatiels get along or not?

Budgies and cockatiels get along pretty well. But if you want to put them in a single cage, you have to ensure their personalities mesh well. The housing condition and each other’s first impression also play a pivotal role.

Personality is a key factor, but not the only one. Keep reading this article to learn all the things that play a huge role in deciding whether your budgie and cockatiel will accept each other or not.

Can I Keep Budgies And Cockatiels In The Same Cage?

The answer is complicated. It depends on a lot of factors. But mainly it depends on three things. If you have a green flag in all these three things, then you can enjoy having both cockatiel and budgie in the same cage.

Bird’s Personalities

Your budgie and cockatiel’s personalities are the most important factor. Usually, budgies stay very active during the day. They are also the ones to take on leadership roles inside the cage. Their dominant and extrovert nature compensates for their small size.

On the other hand, cockatiels are old people’s pets, a saying that explains the bird’s nature. They are laid-back and quiet. They let the budgie be a leader and tolerate their endless chirping without any complaints. That’s what makes budgies and cockatiels great companions.

But things can change quickly if your cockatiel is different. After all, each bird has a distinctive characteristic, right? Here’s a table to help you assess them.

Personalities Of The BirdsBudgiesCockatielsRemarks
DominantAssertiveGood match
Laid Back/AssertiveDominantNot a good match
AssertiveAssertiveGood match
DominantDominantNot a good match

As you can see, it’s all good until the cockatiel becomes possessive. If it wants, it can severely injure the budgie in a fight. And, being half its size, the budgie stands no chance.

That’s why I would only suggest getting the two birds together if both of them are peace lovers. Otherwise, you are just bringing chaos into your home.

Housing Condition

No matter how social a budgie is, it will not share its home without a fight. To prevent it, make sure you get the biggest cage you can afford. That’s the only way to avoid any jealousy.

Usually, a 36x24x24-inch cage should accommodate one cockatiel and a budgie is just fine. Also, make sure the cage has multiple toys, perches, and water bowls.

Introduction Part

Even two peace-loving birds can hate each other if the introduction isn’t done properly.

When you suddenly bring a new budgie or a cockatiel into the cage, the older bird will not like it. Nobody wants to share their food and affection with a stranger.

So you need to introduce them accurately by following some steps to make the new bird feel welcome (whether it’s a budgie or cockatiel). I’ll discuss these steps in detail in the next heading.

How To Introduce Budgie And Cockatiel To Each Other?

As I said, budgies and cockatiels can get along with the right introduction. Here are three steps to help them get along and build a good relationship between the two birds.

Step #1: Keep Budgie & Cockatiel In Separate Cages

Your pet’s first time seeing its new cage mate shouldn’t be inside the cage itself. First, put the new bird in a separate cage. Then, place both cages inside the same room. Being curious and active birds, budgies will instantly notice the new guest.

Since they are not in the same cage, the birds will not see each other as competition. Instead, they will talk to each other in their bird language and be friendly.

Step #2: Arrange Playdates Outside The Cage

Once the two birds are no longer strangers, you can arrange playdates. But you must monitor the entire play session. Pick a neutral location where none of the birds will feel jealous.

A few playdates are necessary for the birds to form a bond. Plus, during this time, you can figure out whether both of them are compatible for a friendship or not. If you feel like the budgie is bullying the cockatiel, put them back into their cages immediately.

Step #3: Transfer Them To A Spacious Cage

During the first two stages, if you feel like the birds have formed a genuine friendship, proceed to transfer them into a shared cage. But more than friendship, you have to consider whether they are safe for each other or not.

For example, a cockatiel’s ready-made seed mix contains a lot of sunflower seeds. But daily intake of such oily seed can be harmful for the tiny budgies. As their caretaker, it’s your responsibility to make sure not to provide food that only one of the birds can eat. 

In that case, you should give them the same foods so that both birds can easily eat them. Consider offering pellets, a small amount of seeds, vegetables and leafy greens, and occasional treats.

What Birds Go Well With Budgies?

Budgies are social birds and they like having friends. If you want to bring another bird for your budgie, here are some good options.

  • Another budgie is great! They chirp and play together.
  • Cockatiels are slightly bigger but can still chance be friends.
  • Zebra finches are peaceful too.

However, not all birds mix well. You must avoid much bigger birds or aggressive ones like lovebirds. Some birds are territorial, which could cause problems.

I would suggest you research before introducing a new bird to your budgie.


There’s no guarantee that a budgie and cockatiel will accept each other. I would urge you not to force them to stay inside the same cage. After all, the satisfaction of birdkeeping is in happy birds who coexist amicably.

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