Why Is My Budgie Panting? Possible Reasons Explained!

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New budgie owners may initially get baffled by their birds’ behavior, especially if it indicates health problems. For example, your perfectly healthy budgie may suddenly look stressed while panting heavily. That could make you ask, Why is my budgie panting?

A budgie can pant because of fear, high temperatures, stress, obesity, molting, high activities, and particular health conditions. It will breathe heavily when scared, too. Other than that, albeit rare, excitement makes it pant as well.

Therefore, in some cases, it necessitates your immediate action. In today’s article, learn why your budgie is panting and what to do about it.

Do Budgies Have Breathing Issues? 

Budgies are prone to breathing issues due to their delicate respiratory systems. The membranes of their lungs are weak and sensitive. So, compared to other birds, their respiratory systems are more susceptible to stimulants. 

As it is common for budgies to have panting problems, you should be aware of the signs to take necessary measures.

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How Do I Know My Budgie Is Panting? 

Monitor your budgie regularly and look for the signs below to know if it is panting. 

  • It keeps its beak a little open when breathing.
  • Breathing is unusually fast and heavy.
  • It has to open and close its beak to take each breath.
  • Every breath makes it bob its tail involuntarily. 
  • Its feathers are puffed up, and its nostrils flared.
  • It sits on the cage floor with its head slumped.

Why Is My Budgie Panting? 

This section explains some of the reasons I already mentioned above. Read away!

Scorching Temperatures 

As tropical birds, budgies prefer warm temperatures, but to a certain extent. They will pant to make their bodies cool when the temperature goes beyond the range.

Ideal Temperature Range Reasons of Overheating Consequences of Overheating 
70℉ to 75℉ or 21℃ to 24℃Direct sunlight accessing the cage Thermal stress leading to heat stroke 
Keeping the car windows closed during rides 
Providing heat in winter (Yes, I know you mean well, but your budgies are better off without it.)


We all get startled by abrupt noises or wake up in the middle of the night because of nightmares. Have you ever noticed that it happens to your budgies, too? 

I didn’t at first and was clueless as to why my birds panicked in the nighttime. But then I came to learn that budgies have a fear of loud noises, strangers, thunderstorms, and even bad dreams. And panting is the result of their frightened condition.

Note that such situations can also stress your birds and cause panting. Plus, changes in their environment, lack of activities, and loneliness will also affect their respiratory systems.

Which Health Conditions Can Make My Budgie Pant? 

Sometimes, the panting indicates something about your budgie’s health. For example:


We like our budgies plump and round, don’t we? I mean, I do, used to do, at least. But obesity often makes them panting. Even low activities tire them quickly and cause rapid breathing. Besides, it will raise the risks of other health problems.


Different fungi, viruses, and bacteria cause respiratory infections in budgies, making breathing difficult for them. It becomes worse if there is not good ventilation in the room.

Allergic Reaction 

Allergens Signs Treatment 
Perfume, dust, smoke, mold, etc.Panting with nasal discharge and sneezing Anti-inflammatory meds upon vet’s suggestions 

If these allergens have toxins, and your budgies consume them, they can get poisoned and start panting.

What Are The Natural Causes Of Speedy Breathing?

The natural causes are completely normal and should not worry you. Find them below.


It is a strenuous process where budgies shed and regrow their feathers.  Make sure they get enough food to regain their energy. Moreover, they should have enough space to relax quietly.

Carrying Eggs

When female budgies become pregnant, their progesterone hormones increase. That causes a jump in their respiratory rate. It is natural. That is nothing good food and good sleep cannot fix.

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High Activities

Physical exercises cause overheating and excitement. So budgies pant to stabilize their body temperature. Some rest should calm them down.

How To Prevent Panting Vs. How To Stop Panting

Preventing will make sure your budgies do not suffer from panting. However, immediate action will be necessary in case they are already panting for some reason.

Preventive Measures

  • Make a comfortable and well-ventilated cage.
  • Give your budgies opportunities to stay occupied and rest afterward. It will prevent obesity and other diseases.
  • Place the cage somewhere quiet without direct sunlight.

Comforting Budgies

  • My budgies love a cozy bath with lukewarm water when the temperature is too high. Try that with yours.
  • Offer them fresh water. Using a fan will help, too.
  • Comfort them by talking gently.
  • Find the triggers and remove them. Covering the cage with a blanket will also put them at ease.
  • If nothing works, call a vet.

How Do I Know My Budgies Are Not Obese? 

Unfortunately, obesity is common in pet birds for their lifestyle, and so pet budgies are usually heavier than wild budgies. If your budgies weigh within the following ranges, do not worry about obesity.  

Budgie Type And Length Weight (In Grams)
Australian Budgies (4 to 5 inches)30 to 50
English Budgies (8 to 10 inches)45 to 62 

Do not get confused about the weight difference if you have both types, like me. It is normal for English budgies to be larger than Aussie budgies.

As for baby budgies, they grow incredibly fast. Within a month, they will go from 1 gram to as much as 50! It may be even more for English budgies. But if the weight deviates significantly, consult a vet for weight-loss diet plants.

You’ve reached the end of the article.

I hope you have learned something important about why your budgie is panting and the reasons behind this behavior.

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