How Many Budgies Should I Get? Know The Best Answer

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Whenever I step into a bird shop, I am tempted to take all the budgies home with me. But will it be wise to raise multiple budgies together? How many budgies should you get?

Ideally, you should start with a male and female budgerigar pair. This way, each bird receives enough attention and proper care. Get a male-male or female-female pair if you do not want to breed the pets. However, you can buy 4, 6, and even 8 budgies in case you have a large space.

Why can’t you get 3 budgies? Do the budgies get aggressive with each other? Let’s find the answers.

Why Keeping Budgies In Pairs Is Important?

Even the beginners know that budgies are flock birds. So, if you force the birdie to live alone, be prepared to tolerate its weird behavior. For instance, budgies can make non-stop noises out of loneliness.

Besides, the pet also needs company. Don’t you think? Otherwise, who will it communicate with?

I see, some owners have reported that their single budgies try to call other birds passing their way. But in response, the pet budgies only get bullied!

Considering the mental well-being of the budgies, keep them in a pair. It might take the birds some time to get along. But eventually, they will emerge as good friends.

Now, let me address the most common question. Can I get 3 or 5 budgies?

You definitely can. However, this housing situation can go south at times. There is a high chance that one birdie will feel left alone by the troop. In fact, these budgies can make a group and bully the loner. Sounds pathetic, doesn’t it?

So, my advice would be to get a pair (male-male or male-female). This will be more convenient for you and the pets.

Do Male Budgies Always Get Along Together?

In the case of other pets (for example, turtles), we know that the male-male pair does not always work. However, you will observe an entirely different scene when it comes to budgies. Here, the male-male budgies become best buddies.

But hold on a second.

You can not just assume that the male budgies will always get along. They sometimes can become aggressive, showing territorial behavior and fighting over food or personal space.

I had once tried raising male-male budgies together. But there were too many fights occasionally and bickering. So, I was forced to add two more females to the cage.

Howbeit, it is better to start with a male-male or female-female budgie pair (when you don’t want breeding). If they click, then sit back and relax. But separate the couple immediately in case frequent fights break out.

A Male-Female Budgie Pair Is The Best

If you do not mind breeding the budgerigars, buy male-female pairs. Unlike other species, these couples do not get into nasty fights. So, chill. You do not have to handle any bully.

When you are aiming for four budgies in the cage, take two males and two females, or four males/females. What happens when you bring three males and one female?

The males can get aggressive towards the female and injure it physically. I don’t think taking such a risk is worth anything.

Now, How Many Budgies Should I Get?

You should start your birdkeeping journey by bringing two budgies minimum. I often discourage owners from keeping more than two budgies in a single cage. But obviously, it is not taboo. You can definitely raise more budgies together if you want.

But I recommend you go through the following questions first. I will add clarity to your decision.

What Is Your Budget?

Budgies are relatively cheap. But do not exclude the maintenance cost. You have to buy the birds’ food and take them to the vet regularly.

Therefore, only get more than two budgies when you are financially stable.

What About The Cage Size?

Honestly, a good-quality cage is quite pricey. If you bring multiple budgies home, you must buy a bigger cage.

For example, a 30x18x18-inch house works for a budgie pair. But for 4 birds, you need a cage of about 34x18x25 inches.

Can You Manage The Space?

You can not just keep the cage anywhere in your home. The surroundings must be quiet and receive natural daylight.

If you live in a small apartment, managing a large space can be a real issue.

Will You Be Able To Raise Multiple Budgies?

Remember, more budgerigars in the house means spending more time on their care and cleaning. Thus, even if you are okay with all the criteria above, if you have a busy schedule, just stick to a pair for now.


In my thought, it’s best to start your birdkeeping journey with two budgies. With time and effort, you will be experienced enough to raise multiple budgies together.

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