Are Parakeets And Budgies The Same? (Find Out Now!)

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So, it has been a while since you brought some budgies to your home. Then someone came to visit and started calling them parakeets, which has been bugging you ever since. Are parakeets and budgies the same thing?

Budgies and parakeets are the same, with subtle differences. Parakeets are a group of birds of 115 species characterized by long tails and medium-sized bodies. And budgies are one of those species with an Australian origin.

Differentiating one bird from another is tricky. I have been there. So, I will tell you all I know to clear up your confusion today. Keep reading!

Are Parakeets And Budgies The Same?

What a Persian cat is to the feline family is what a budgie is to the parakeet family. So, technically, it is not wrong to think of them the same. All budgies are parakeets, but not all parakeets are budgies.

The names confuse people because Americans use the name parakeet for budgies. But a parakeet can be any parrot-like bird with a long tail and tiny body. I will address the confusion again, but let’s go through the subtleties first.

How Is A Budgie Different From Other Parakeet Species?

I will point out the differences between a budgie and another parakeet species, for example, sun parakeets or conures. Note that they come from the same community of psittaculidae. But the few differences are due to their different genera.

DifferencesBudgiesSun Parakeets
Life expectancy5 to 10 years15 to 30 years
Weight (in ounces)1.1 to 1.44
Length (in inches)5 to 11 in captivity and 7 in the wild12
Natural colorsYellow and greenBright yellow and orange toned with green

Then Why Do People Interchange The Names?

You have the Americans for that to blame! Budgies are parakeets to them because of their popularity. They are the most familiar member of the parakeet family, referring to the Australian budgerigars. Then, in Europe, they got the BUDGIE nickname.

Afterward, when they came to the USA, breeders decided to make them popular because the British people were smitten with the adorable bird by then. But when they devised their marketing plan, it looked like budgerigar as a new term could be difficult to introduce.

So, they decided on their family name, parakeet. It was easier to pronounce and remember. That is why some people use their names interchangeably despite the small dissimilarities.

Why Do Americans Call Budgies Parakeets?

Are Parakeets And Budgies The Same

There’s a simple reason behind this calling which I already mentioned above. Anyway, let’s go into a bit more detail.

Back in the 19th century, budgies were first introduced to America. The breeders and pet stores started selling them as “Parakeets” to the birdkeepers. They chose this name because it sounded good and was easy to remember.

Gradually, people buy these little birds and this name becomes very popular in the country. Although the rest of the countries except America, this bird is called a Budgie.

However, do not get confused when they say parakeets, because they’re actually talking about budgies. They are the same bird, just known by different names.

What About American Budgies And English Budgies?

Before answering that, I want to clarify one point. American budgies or parakeets and English budgies are both domesticated versions of Australian budgies. So, here we are talking about the same parakeet species.

When wild budgies are bred in captivities, they come in different varieties and colors. But these domesticated have further differences themselves. 

Physical Characteristics

American budgies are more similar to Australian budgies than English budgies. It is small and has a length of 7 to 9 inches, with an average weight between 0.88 and 1.4 ounces. Their plumage is colorful with few markings. Their average life expectancy is 8 to 10 years.

On the other hand, English budgies weighing 0.7 to 2.1 ounces are 10 to 12 inches tall with vibrant plumage and markings. You may also know them as the Exhibition or Show Budgie. There are plenty of color combinations due to their selective breeding, resulting in a somewhat shorter lifespan. They usually live for 7 to 9 years.

Personality And Character

English budgies are easier to handle than American budgies. They are comparatively quiet. Even when they chirp and whistle, the volume will be low. They are so friendly that they will get along with strangers, too.

But American budgies will not have any of that. Their vocalization is way louder. So, handling them and creating a bond takes time.

What Are Some Common Parakeets Often Confused With Budgies?

Rose-ringed, monk, and barred parakeets are some common species often confused with budgies.

Rose-Ringed Parakeets

Also known as Indian or Pakistan ringneck parakeets, they are medium-sized parrots with a length of 16 inches, much larger than budgies. They have got their name because of the rose-colored ring circling their necks. Their beaks have red and black shades, whereas the feathers are green.

Monk Parakeets

Monk parakeets are not parrot-like birds. They are parrots themselves, also called Quaker parrots. Their feathers are green, mostly visible on their wings and tails.

Their length is the same as that of English budgies, around 11 inches. So, that might confuse new bird owners. But bear in mind that a monk parakeet is supposed to be remarkably bulkier than an English budgie. Their weight differs by a margin of 3.5 ounces.

Barred Parakeets

Barred or Lineolated parakeets are native to South America. They have a green body striped with dark green or black. Budgies and linnies have about the same height and weight.

They are shy birds with low voices and like walking and climbing. However, budgies are more playful, love flying, and way more vocal.

How Do I Distinguish Budgies From Parakeets?

Are Parakeets And Budgies The Same

You can distinguish budgies from parakeets by noticing budgies’ physical attributes and behaviors. For example:

  • The cere of male budgies is dark blue. If they are female, the cere will be pale blue, white, or pink.
  • Budgies are more playful and active. They are loud birds.
  • When it comes to territorial aggression, budgies beat parakeets.
  • The upper beak of a budgie works as a smooth and long cover. And the lower part looks like a cup in half. Other parakeets have different types of beaks.
  • Always do some homework first. Plus, look for authentic dealers. They will tell you the bird’s origin, species, and general characteristics.

Do Budgies And Parakeets Mate?

No, budgies and parakeets do not mate. That is a good reason why considering them the same bird is not entirely right.

Budgies and other parakeets belong to different genera and species. Their genetic structure and courtship rituals are not compatible with producing chicks. Therefore, one will not mate with the other.

Can Budgies Live With Other Parakeet Species?

Yes, budgies can live with other small parakeet species such as cockatiels, parrotlets, lorikeets, canaries, zebra finches, etc. Budgies love staying with companions and do pretty well when kept in pairs.

I see, budgies that have friends are always busy chitchatting with each other and flying around together. They really enjoy each other’s presence.

Bear in mind that, it is not a good idea to keep the budgie with bigger parakeets because they might hurt your budgie and cause problems.

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