Why Do Budgies Grind Their Beaks? (It’s Not What You Think)

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Despite their small and cute size, budgies’ behavior can sometimes be concerning. For example, if a budgie grinds its beak, it might worry for new budgie owners. And that sound isn’t exactly soothing, is it? So why do budgies grind their beaks?

Budgies grind their beaks to express their happiness. It is also a pre-nap practice when they are about to sleep. Furthermore, they do it to maintain their beak health or as a mating behavior. Other times, it could be due to exhaustion.

However, understanding this behavior can be tricky. But it will become much easier once you read this article.

Why Do Budgies Grind Their Beaks?

Budgies instinctively grind their beaks for several reasons. But the behavior does not signal anything serious in most cases, which is a relief. See them below.

Expressing Joy 

Budgies are naturally cheerful birds and love enjoying their life. So, when your budgie is at home in its environment, likes its cage mates, and eats healthy food, it will feel content and grind its beak to express that.

So, when you see that, know you’re doing a great job giving your bird a happy life!

Shaping The Beak

Grinding the beak allows budgies to keep their beaks in shape by preventing them from overgrowing. The main component of their beaks is keratin, which is the same as our nails.

They will keep growing and cause wounds and diseases if the birds do nothing. So, they grind them to sharpen their edge and keep them in good condition.


Beak grinding sounding a bit louder than usual may mean your budgie is feeling restless. But that is not abnormal and does not need medical attention.

Simply check if it cannot sleep well at night and improve the environment to fix it.

Courtship Behavior

You will notice the beak-grinding behavior if you have a male and a female budgie bonding. Beak grinding and rubbing is one of the common courtship rituals in budgerigars.

Bedtime Practice

When bedtime nears, a budgie grinds its beak to prepare for sleep. It will move its beak, making a grinding or scratching sound. But it is okay because it only means your bird is relaxed after a regular day of playing and fun activities.

Should I Give My Budgies Something To Grind Its Beak?

Yes, you can give them stuff to help them grind their beaks. Try the following items.

  • The surface of ceramic perches consists of durable materials. Your budgies will gladly use them for grinding.
  • You will find treats in pet shops designed to facilitate beak grinding. My budgies savor them. But offer them in moderate amounts and do not make it a habit.
  • You can also try cholla wood, pumice stones, and manzanita wood. They are safe and healthy for budgies and essential for their beak health.

How Often Should A Budgie Grind Its Beak?

The frequency of the beak grinding behavior can vary. A budgie can do it multiple times per day or once a week. Both are normal because their environment and age influence the habit.

However, if your budgies demonstrate an increased tendency to grind their beaks with other behavioral changes, you should get them medical attention.

Why Is Excessive Grinding Bad For Budgies?

Although painless and natural, grinding the beak nonstop is a bad sign for budgies. Sometimes, comfort behaviors become problematic as symptoms of discomfort or stress.

For example, if you bring a new budgie or change the environment of your old budgie, it will have trouble adjusting. So, it will respond to the stress by trying to comfort or distract itself from the stress by constantly grinding its beak.

Normally, it should not cause serious damage to the bird and subside once it settles in. But observe its behavior closely. See a vet to find out what is incorrect.

Can Budgie Beak Grinding Cause Respiratory Issues?

Excessive beak grinding can potentially cause your budgie to have abnormal sneezing fits. Again, grinding the beak is normal and healthy, but too much of it can point to respiratory infections.

So, if you notice constant sneezing with beak grinding, take your budgie to a vet for a checkup.

Should I Check My Budgie’s Beak If It Grinds It A Lot?

You can monitor your budgie’s beak health. It will help you spot abnormalities. But I would not advise physically examining the beak. As you have no experience or training, you should not do it. Attempting to do so could scare or hurt the bird. So, let a professional do it.

Are Beak Grinding And Beak Clicking The Same Thing?

No, beak grinding and beak clicking are not the same thing. They are different behaviors and they bring different meanings. Let me distinguish them first.

When budgies click their beaks’ upper and lower sides, it is beak clicking. And beak grinding is when they grind them together, similar to how we grind our teeth. Many owners confuse one with another. And their similar noises do not help, of course.

But learn to differentiate because beak grinding is healthy for budgies, whereas beak clicking is not. Here are the reasons behind the latter.

  • Territorial aggression is another factor for such defensive behavior. They do it to protect their personal space.
  • Constant beak clicking for no particular reason could be due to something trapped in the bird’s beak. Take a professional’s help to get it out.

Remember that beak clicking should bring other symptoms, such as opened wings, a raised foot, messy feathers, etc., which will help you separate it from beak grinding.

In the case of beak grinding, leave your budgies alone. But when it is beak clicking, give them a better, calming, and relaxing environment to reduce stress.

Why Does My Budgie Grind Its Beak When I Talk To Him?

If you see your budgie grinding its beak while you talk, don’t need to panic! Because it often means your budgie is feeling comfortable and relaxed as I said earlier.

This grinding behavior is perfectly normal and they do it before sleep or when they feel safe. Moreover, you might also hear a soft grinding sound from your bird’s beak sometimes.

Regardless, beak grinding sometimes might be a concern if it comes with other abnormal symptoms. But don’t worry, most of the time beak grinding means your budgie is content.


Now we know that beak grinding in budgies is totally normal. It shows they’re happy and relaxed. Whether it means they’re content, getting ready for sleep, or just keeping their beak healthy, it’s a natural thing for your budgie to do.

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