Can Budgies Eat Pistachios? Get Fascinating Facts Here!

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A diet with variable nuts and fruits is the perfect and enjoyable one for your budgies. But which nuts can they have, and how should they have them? Can budgies eat pistachios?

Budgies can eat pistachios in moderation without any problem. The nuts are rich in protein, minerals, and vitamins. When prepared properly, they benefit their health.

I will talk about how pistachios keep your budgies healthy and how you should prepare them. There will be more. Stick till the end!

Can Budgies Eat Pistachios?

The diet of captive budgies should be as similar as possible to that of wild budgies. And since wild budgies eat various nuts, including pistachios, your budgies can have them, too.

Pistachios provide your feathery companions with plenteous nutrients. However, the quantity and frequency of feeding pistachios need to be moderate. Why so?

I will explain after I tell you the nuts’ benefits.

How Do Pistachios Contribute to Keeping Budgies Healthy?

Budgies love staying busy in activities and so need high levels of energy. On the other hand, they are susceptible to some diseases when they lack sufficient nutrients.

Below are the different vitamins and minerals that pistachios have to play a role in keeping them healthy.


The high fiber content in pistachios keeps your budgies in shape by helping the beneficial bacteria in their system. Simultaneously, it assists in preventing diseases like cancer and digestive disorders.

Vitamin B6

The vitamin comes with more than one benefit. It facilitates speedy recovery for healing budgies. You can also feed your older budgies suffering from poor health. The nuts will improve their brain health and enable them to engage in activities.


Manganese is particularly great for wounded budgies. It accelerates skin cell recovery by producing collagen. So, if you have belligerent budgies that got injured after fighting, you know how to help them get well soon.


The high protein content of pistachios makes them superior to other nuts. Protein helps with muscle development and growth in chicks, saving them from bone and muscle disorder diseases.


Copper, Vitamin B6, and Manganese provide the same benefits. Copper aids in creating red blood cells and strengthens their iron reabsorption.

What About Fats?

Pistachios have fat content, 90% of which comprises unsaturated fat. However, unsaturated fat is good because it helps with obesity by controlling cholesterol levels.

If your budgies have high LDL and low HDL cholesterol, they have a high chance of cardiovascular diseases and artery blockage. The fat of pistachios will fight them off.

Can Pistachios Help Budgies Suffering  From PBFD?

Yes, with everything pistachios contain, they can help budgies suffering from Psittacine Beak and Feather Disease or PBFD.

PBFD is a chronic budgie disease resulting from a weak immune system. Its primary signs are loss of feathers around a budgie’s nares, its feathers losing tissues, and retention of feathers in segmented parts. It will also lose weight.

While there is no alternative to medical treatment for the disease, a diet including pistachios could be helpful for your budgies. The vitamin B6 and manganese in them will produce healthy red blood cells. The other nutrients will improve their immunity and prevent weight loss.

Again, they will not cure the disease. But they can contribute to recovery and prevention.

Then Why Should I Keep The Quantity Moderate?

Because captive birds spend most of their time in their cage, you must feed them everything moderately. Even large quantities of the good stuff can make them obese and lead to many diseases. That applies to the fat content of pistachios.

Besides, every good food has some content with negative impacts. Pistachios contain high carbs. So, while unsaturated fat will regulate your budgies’ fat levels, the carbs will make a countereffect.

I said above that the high protein in pistachios is good for budgies’ muscle health. Yet, regular consumption of high-protein foods can cause avian gout. Therefore, to give them the best quality, the amount needs to be moderate.

How Should I Feed Pistachios Moderately?

The first thing about feeding pistachios moderately is not to make it a regular food. It should never be an everyday diet.

Keep it in the diet once a week, twice at most. And that, too, should be a small part of a balanced diet with variations. It should be an occasional treat. Moreover, the portion will vary depending on your budgies’ size and weight. Talk to a vet to determine it.

Observe your budgies’ reactions after feeding them pistachios. Do not give them the nuts if they experience stomach issues or allergic reactions.

But if they like them, which is the usual case, do not increase the quantity or frequency. The cuteness is too high to resist, I know. But don’t give in!

How Should I Prepare Pistachios?

It would be best if you considered some factors when preparing a meal with pistachios. For example,

  • The nuts should be raw and without shells. Budgies will not eat the shells and can separate them, but this could cause choking, especially for the small-beaked ones. So, give them deshelled pistachios.
  • Do not feed them salted or roasted pistachios. Salt is toxic for birds. But if you want to roast them without salt, go for it.
  • Budgies eat pistachio butter. Making the butter with only pistachio and nothing else, i.e., salt, sugar, or other additives, will be fine. However, it has little nutritional value. You can add it to the food mix for extra flavor.
  • Ground-up pistachio or pistachio flour containing anything else is also safe.
  • Cooking pistachios in any way is also not recommended. First, they will lose nutrients. And the added ingredients will be harmful to the birds.

What Other Foods Can Replace Pistachios?

You can get any of the following foods to replace pistachios.

AlternativesWhat They Contain
SpinachCalcium and vitamins A, E, and C
BeetsIron, manganese, potassium, vitamins B9 and C
PomegranateVitamins B6, B9, C, and K
WalnutsCopper, manganese, vitamins B6, B9, and E
SquashFiber, protein, and vitamins A, C, and K

You’ve reached the end of the article.

I hope you’ve got enough information about feeding pistachios to budgies and the benefits it offers to your feathered friend. However, keep in mind that, when offering pistachios to your budgies, do so sparingly and only as a special treat.

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