5 Ways to Dry a Budgie After a Bath

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Did you know that a wet budgie can be a cold budgie? While bath time is a fun and healthy activity for your feathered friend but drying them afterward is crucial.

Here this article explores five ways to safely dry your budgie and ensure their well-being.

How to Dry a Budgie After a Bath? 5 Helpful TIPS

My budgies are so obsessed with water that they want to shower almost daily. Better to say, bathing these birdies often is no issue.

You can bathe your birds once or twice a week, according to VCA Hospital report. After the bath, it’s time to dry them. You can let your budgie dry itself, which is good for their preening. But remember, keeping them wet for too long can harm their health.

Therefore, using additional tips to dry the budgies comes in handy in those times of need.

1. Promote Natural Drying

This is the best way to dry a budgie after a shower.

Just think about it. Budgies get no help in drying when they are in the wild. So, air drying only seems natural and comfortable to the budgies.

You have to do absolutely nothing to promote natural drying. The birds will flap their wings to drip excess water from their feathers.

Allowing the budgies to self-dry has several benefits. It promotes their preening behavior. Here, the birds release a greasy secretion to clean the plumage with their beaks.

Don’t worry about budgies getting cold. The water barely touches their skin underneath. So, the trapped air in between feathers keeps the budgies warm during the self-drying process.

2. Take The Budgies Outside Under The Sun

Your budgies will love to bask under the sun after a cold shower. The natural light and air circulation will only reduce the drying time. Besides, these birdies will feel closer to nature when outside. It will give them a mental relief.

However, you might face several issues following this technique. First, you can only enjoy good sunlight on summer and spring days. In winter, the sun is barely out.

Again, even though you take the budgie outside in a cage, you must watch it the entire time. Otherwise, other birds might attack these cuties.

And finally, there is no open space in modern apartments to let the budgies bask. In such a scenario, put the cage near an open window where the birds can access direct sunlight.

3. Leave The Pet Under A Heat Lamp

Of course, a warm temperature will rapidly decrease the drying time. This is why professionals advise putting the budgies in a warm room right after their bath. The room must not have any air draft.

You better close all the windows and let the birds fly free in space. Now, the budgies can preen and exercise their muscles altogether.

I understand if managing such space is impossible for you. Don’t worry. Buy a heating lamp from the pet store and install it closer to the budgie’s cage. The warmth radiating from the light will dry the budgies quickly.

In addition to that, on cold days, the heating bulbs come in handy to keep the budgies warm after a shower.

4. The Towel Technique Is A Good One

I guess this is the most popular technique among the owners. The steps are as follows,

  • Choose a clean and soft towel for this purpose.
  • Bring the budgie to a safe, warm room with no air drafts.
  • Calm down the bird and hold it gently in your palm.
  • Now, pat its feather with the towel. Do not rub or stroke the budgie feather with the towel.
  • Terminate the session if you see any sign of discomfort or stress in the pet.
  • Finally, leave the pet to air dry in the room.

Budgies are delicate birds, and this towel technique can scare them out. That is why I encourage owners to find an alternative drying technique.

5. You Must Be Careful With This Hair Dryer Trick

This is the quickest way to dry a budgie after its shower. However, I find the dryer quite risky for the birds. For example, a high heat setting can burn the features of the budgies.

If you still want to move forward with this technique, please be careful. Set the dryer on low heat and blow the air from a distance.

In My Opinion, You Should

Allow your budgies to naturally air dry their wet feathers after a shower. Only help the bird dry when the weather is dull and cold.

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