Why Do Budgies Flap Their Wings?

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When you spend enough time with your budgies, you notice some of their typical behaviors. It makes you curious about what their behaviors could mean. For example, you must have seen their wing flapping activity. But why do budgies flap their wings?

Budgies flap their wings as a sign of excitement and joy. On the contrary, it also indicates anxiety and illness. Wing flapping helps them stay cool by regulating their body temperature. However, sometimes, they flap their wings at each other, which could indicate environmental problems.

There is more. We have a lot to understand about their behavior. Let’s talk about it.

What Does Wing Flapping Mean For Budgies?

Wing flapping is budgies’ way of stretching their body. For example, most of us have desk jobs. So we often take a short break after every few hours to walk or exercise a little. These activities break our monotony and reduce muscle fatigue from staying in one position long.

The same thing applies to your budgies. They exercise by moving their wings up and down to maintain the health of the flight muscles. And note that they do not always do it with the purpose of flying. Wing flapping burns more energy than terrestrial locomotion.

So, in most cases, they do it to exercise.

If your budgies get to spend time outside their cage, they will not do it much. Otherwise, they will do it more often. It is also noticeable in budgies with clipped wings.

Why Do Budgies Flap Their Wings?

Why Do Budgies Flap Their Wings

Look at the reasons briefed in the table first.

CommunicationSending a signal to others in the cage and the owner
Temperature regulationStaying cool during warm weather
HappinessExpressing positive emotions
AnxietyResponding to negative feelings
IllnessIndication of physical problems
FreedomCraving to get out of the cage
Attracting opposite genderA mating display to find a partner
CleaningRemoving dirt from the feathers

Let’s address and discuss each below.


Budgies flap their wings as a form of communication with each other. If one flaps its wings but the other does not reciprocate it, the first one will flap its wings hard to grab the second one’s attention.

Besides, they love spending time with their human parents. So, the wing flapping can be their way to let you know that they want your company.

Temperature Regulation

This behavior helps them create breezy air around them. It lets them feel cool. They make their personalized AC to regulate their body temperature during hot weather.

Here is a tip for you. Budgies are used to a temperature ranging from 21 to 24 degrees Celsius. They will get overheated and flap their wings to stay cool if it increases rapidly.


Budgies flapping their wings and crouching might be a sign of anxiety. It could result from environmental changes, fights with others, and sensing threats or predators nearby.

In the case of a predator’s presence, a budgie will flutter its wings quickly to warn other budgies in the cage.

Attracting Female Budgies

Sometimes, the whole act is about love! Your male budgie could be flapping its wings to court a female. He will dance by standing tall, flapping wings, and fluffing up his chest feathers to win her love. It is also his way of showing off his vigor.


Wing flapping is a common expression of happiness and excitement. Maybe you gave your budgies a beautiful toy, and they will wing their flaps out of excitement. Or perhaps you saw them after a long day, and they will show the same gesture for their jolliness.


I told you that wing flapping is more common in captive birds that always stay inside the cage. So, as the owner, you should prepare the cage to mimic their natural environment more.

Keeping different perches and toys will fulfill their instinctual desire for space and freedom. Try to arrange an out-of-cage time with supervision to provide your budgies more comfort.


Something might be up if your budgies do the flapping differently or the intensity or frequency changes. Monitor them closely when they do it.

For example, their wings could be injured if they struggle to do it. Again, too much flapping with panting or lethargy can lead to respiratory problems.


It can also work as a cleaning mechanism. I once noticed my budgie removing dirt from its feathers. It did that by flapping its wings to use the air.

Why Are My Budgies Flapping Their Wings At Each Other?

Why Do Budgies Flap Their Wings At Each Other

Budgies flapping their wings at each other may be because of the environment. Try improving the cage’s condition, giving them a balanced diet, and offering new toys.

You should have a cage with a minimum size of 12x18x18 inches. And that is only when you can give them some time out of the cage. Otherwise, the cage should be twice the size to house more than one budgie. That also applies if you have just one but cannot let it out.

What If Changing The Environment Does Not Work?

If a better environment does not stop your budgies from continuing the behavior, separate them until they calm down. In the meantime, try to figure out the cause.

Oftentimes, they could go through molting to shed and regrow their feathers. Or, they could be suffering from some disease.

In the absence of any particular cause, you should talk to a vet to check your budgies’ health. That would be the best way to understand how to soothe and get them back to normal behavior.

Do Budgies Flap Their Wings At Night?

Budgies usually do not flap their wings at night. But if yours do, they cannot sleep for some reason. The wing flapping is a response to frustration and annoyance.

An uncovered cage, a cold room, external sound or noise from outside, anything could keep them awake and cause wing flapping. Find out the reason and prepare the cage accordingly.

When they get the ideal sleep environment, they will no longer flap their wings at night.

Do Birds Flap Their Wings When Excited?

Yes, birds sometimes flap their wings when excited!

You can also see signs like head bobbing and eye pinning. Usually, they use body language to show how they feel and wing flapping can mean they’re content.

Why Do Birds Flap Their Wings While Flying?

When birds take flight, they flap their wings to lift and move. It creates different air pressures on the wing surfaces that lift the bird and keep it airborne. It also pushes the bird forward for gliding.

Flapping gives the birds control in flight. They adjust wing angle and speed to change direction, height, or stay level. This helps them navigate, avoid obstacles, and hunt for food.

Moreover, wings flapping also stabilizes birds in flight which keeps them balanced and adjusting to wind changes.

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