Why Does My Budgie Puffs Up When I Talk To Him?

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Have you ever caught your budgie puffing up? Well, the bird looks more magnificent when they preen. But what leads to this fluffing? Also, why does my budgie puffs up when I talk to him?

When it sees you, the budgie will raise its feathers out of happiness and excitement. Puffing is only natural and healthy for budgies. However, the opposite is also possible. A stressed or irritated budgie also puffs up its feathers.

Honestly, puffing up behavior is more complicated than you think. I have talked about it briefly in the article below.

My Budgie Puffs Up When I Talk To Him

Budgerigars are very affectionate and expressive. These little birds will make sure that you know how much you mean to them. But of course, they will use their birdie-thing for communication.

Chirping and singing are the two most common signs that the budgies are happy. Besides, these birds might puff up their feathers in front of you to show excitement. It indicates that the budgies are relaxed and feel secure when you are around.

My Budgie Puffs Up Even When I Am Not Around

As mentioned, puffing is more complex. That being mentioned, you are not the only reason why your budgies fluff up their feathers. Let’s explore all the possibilities.

Budgies Puff Up And Shake

This is a clear sign that your birdie is feeling cold. Usually, when the budgies are in a flock, they will snuggle to beat the chill. Unfortunately, cuddling is not a viable option in the cage.

Just reset the habitat temperature between 70F and 75F to keep the birds warm.

Budgie Puffed Up And Not Moving

It is a red flag. Inactivity is never a good sign in budgies. There is a high possibility that your bird is sick.

An ill budgie will exhibit the following symptoms apart from puffing up feathers,

  • Lethargy
  • Watery eyes
  • Half-closed eyes
  • Discharge from nose
  • Labored breathing, etc.

Any illness in the budgie calls for an emergency. Take the bird to the vet for further treatment.

Budgie Puffed Up And Sleeping All The Time

Unfortunately, too much sleep is not good either. You should have your budgie checked for any disease as early as possible.

What Are The Other Reasons For Puffing Up?

Do not worry. Puffing up does not always indicate something sad and depressing. There can be other reasons.

  1. The cute budgies will puff up before a snooze. Consider it as a ritual but they follow it blindly.
  2. Puffing up is more like stretching for many budgies. They do it after waking up from a sound sleep.
  3. In mating season, the male or female fluff their feathers and chirp to attract potential partners. Head bobbing and tail ruffling seem to draw attention to them. They do this sneaky act, mostly when you are not around.
  4. The parakeets can also preen when you spray them with water. They often do it for fun.
  5. Budgies puff up their feathers and run their beaks through the plumage as a cleaning session.
  6. The adult budgies often demand food by fluffing up their feathers. Eventually, the young ones also learn this puff-up skit.
  7. Apparently, puffing up is a self-defense mechanism for many budgies. They do this to look bigger and intimidate the threats.

At last, I want to say that, If a budgie puffs up seeing you, take it positively. However, fluffing up feathers can also have negative meanings like illness or sadness. Therefore, always try to read the puff up pattern and behavior of your budgies.

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