Are Budgies Loud? Here’s What You Need to Know

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The salesman forced me to take a budgie, saying that it was the quietest bird in their collection. And I was naive enough to believe him. No, he didn’t lie on the QUIET part. But I forgot budgies are not exactly mute, either.

Budgies are not loud and they are quieter than many other parrots. On a noise scale of 1 to 10 (with 1 being the lowest and 10 the highest), the budgies stand at 3. So, consider them as white noise in the background. However, sometimes, these birds get into a mood and start chirping without a break, which can be nerve-wracking for the owners.

Does it mean budgies get loud occasionally? How do we handle such noise? All the answers are awaiting in the article below.

Are Budgies Loud? Not Exactly

Honestly speaking, budgies are not noisy at all. If you are on the hunt for a quiet bird, make budgies your top priority. These birds are so quiet that you won’t even notice they are there.

Look at the chart below to compare the noise level of budgies with other birds,

SpeciesNoise Level
Budgies65 – 70 dB
African Gray Parrots70 dB
Conures120 dB
Cockatoos135 dB
Macaws105 dB
White BellBird125 dB
Crows130 dB

Still confused? A normal pitch human conversation is only 60 dB. If you can stand the gossip, I am sure you can bear the chattering of your budgies.

However, the main issue with these budgies is not the noise level. Supposedly, our budgies are capable of making sounds incessantly. I hate to admit it. But this can be quite irritating!

What’s the point of bringing a quiet bird if it drives you crazy? Umm… Don’t blame the pet just yet. Let’s understand why the budgies make such non-stop noise and how you can handle it.

Why Is My Budgie Always Chirping?

I often enjoy the chirping and singing of my little budgerigars. But I feel helpless when they get into that non-stop chattering mood. After digging into the internet and talking to some experts, I finally understood this behavioral pattern of my pets.

Here is what I have found so far,

It Feels Lonely

This point applies only if you are dealing with a single budgie in the cage.

By nature, budgies are flock birds. When you force them to live alone in a captive home, they can feel pretty lonely. This can be a reason why your little birdie makes that non-stop sound.

The easiest escape would be to bring another budgie home. This way, your pet will have a friend and you can get relief from that continuous chattering.

It’s okay if you are not ready to parent two budgies. In such a scenario, you should make time for the bird and play with it more often. Many owners have seen positive results when they answered their budgies’ chirping.

Changes In The Environment

Don’t you take some time adjusting to a new environment? The same thing happens to budgies. Any change to the surroundings can affect their behavioral patterns and lifestyle.

When I brought my budgie home for the first time, it could not stop chirping. But with time, the birdie got comfortable and now, it is ruling the cage with pride.

From my experience, I can say one thing. It is not just the new home. A dirty cage and loud construction can also push the pets to behave abnormally.

One more thing! A crowded cage is often to blame for the non-stop chattering of your budgies.

The pets can get along with a companion or two. But if you overcrowd the habitat, it will throw the budgies off balance. However, if you plan to raise more than one budgie, just buy a spacious cage. This will solve the issue.

Your Budgie Is Bored

That’s right. Your budgie can get bored. The constant noise is its plea for attention.

One of my friends suggested installing swings in the cage to give the pet some mental stimulation. And surprisingly, this hack works.

I have seen people entertaining their budgies with climbing toys, balls, and bells. Well, you can give those a try. If you can keep the birds engaged, they will lead a healthier and happier life.

Budgie Lacks Discipline

Believe me or not! But budgerigars can catch a certain habit.

The trick is quite easy here. Reward your pet with a treat when it stops making that irritating noise. It will take days to induce such a habit into the pet. But it works.

What Do Budgie Noises Mean?

It takes months to understand your budgie’s character. So, do not get offended by the continuous noise in the first week. There is a chance that your bird is playing, and this is a happy sound. Hence, learn the budgie language first.

Type of NoiseWhat Does It Mean?
Chirping/ChatteringThis is a form of communication for the budgies
HissingThe pet is not in a good mood
WhistlingYour budgie is excited
SqueakingThe bird is trying to imitate you
ScreamingThere is a chance that the budgie is in pain

Budgies Are Louder In The Morning and Quieter In The Night

Luckily, the budgerigars will not interrupt your good night’s sleep no matter the situation. These birds fall quiet just after dark.

Some owners use this character trait to their benefit to stop the continuous chattering of the budgies. If you get irritated by the noise, just cover the cage with a towel. The darkness will make the pets stop.

Even though these budgies are quiet at night, get ready for an early wake-up call. They will start singing and chirping just after the sun comes up.

Are Budgies Too Loud For Apartments?

Budgies love to chirp and serenade you all day long, which can be a bit disruptive if you’re in an apartment. But don’t be concerned, their chirps are usually quieter than those of other parrots.

So your neighbors probably won’t mind, especially if you’re living on the top floor.


The budgies are not unbearably loud. So, you can get one without any doubt. If the continuous noise gets on your nerves, just follow the mentioned tricks.

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