Why Does My Budgie Keep Opening Its Mouth? Explained!

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Did you know that budgies are the third most sought-after pet in the world? For birds, you can say these little birds are the first choice of almost every bird owner.

Although they are easy to care for, you may struggle understanding some of their behavior. Questions like “Why does my budgie keep opening its mouth?” may pop up in your mind.

In short, your budgie may keep opening its mouth for positive reasons like eating, preening, or adjusting its corp. The reason can also be concerning, such as pain, respiratory infection, mucus build-up in the throat, etc.

To remove all the confusion, in this article, we will cover the reasons, symptoms, and how to take care of budgie’s constant mouth opening.

When Is It Normal For Budgies To Keep Opening Its Mouth?

While beak opening in budgies is often perfectly normal, it becomes concerning if it seems frequent or unusual. Here are some situations where it’s completely normal for your feathered friend to have their beak opened.

Eating Or Adjusting Its Crop

If you see your budgie opening and closing its mouth continuously, take a closer look and observe its behaviour. You can see it is taking its food in its mouth and trying to eat.

Besides, the activity of opening the mouth can include stretching its neck as well. In that case, understand that your feathered friend is trying to adjust its crop. The crop is a pouch located in the budgie’s throat, where it stores its food.


Preening is the activity when a bird cleans itself using its mouth. It pecks its feathers and removes the dirt stuck in its body. After a preening session, some dirt or feathers might get stuck in its crop.

That’s why, after preening, they open their beak to readjust the corp. This is a regular activity for them.


Just like humans and other animals, birds also yawn. When your budgie feels sleepy or tired, it yawns by opening its mouth and stretches its wings and neck as well.

There is nothing to worry about, as it is a very common thing for your budgie to do. However, if you catch your budgie doing it often and excessively, there might be something wrong that you must get checked by a vet.


Your budgie might open its mouth and make a clicking sound while talking. While it is learning to talk, sometimes you might not hear the sound and only see it opening its mouth frequently.

But don’t worry; observe closely and ensure it’s trying to talk.

Hungry Or Thirsty

Budgies opening their mouths due to hunger and thirst is one of the most common causes of the activity. If your bird feels hot or thirsty, it might open its beak and panting. To solve this, give the bird fresh water and food and make it available to their reach inside the cage.

Concerning Reasons For Budgies To Keep Opening Its Mouth

If you see your budgie unusually opening its mouth frequently, the following five issues could be why. Remember, if these are the causes, you must contact a vet for suggestions.

Do not use any over-the-counter drugs to treat the illness, as it might cause more harm than good. It is best to ask for professional help from an avian vet.

1. Pain Or Uneasiness

When your budgie is in pain, it might open its beak frequently to show it. It might do the activity if it develops gastrointestinal issues, parasites, or infectious illnesses.

In such a scenario, if you don’t understand what’s happening but at least get a hint of your budgie’s discomfort, immediately call your avian veterinarian for the best treatment.

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2. Respiratory Infection

If your budgie has developed any respiratory infections like Aspergillosis, Influenza, respiratory parasites or pneumonia, it might continue opening its beak.

It is due to the discomfort the budgie feels inside. Besides, it may also open its mouth too much only because of mucus build-up in the throat.

3. Stress

A stressed budgie can repeat opening its beak unusually. It can become stressed due to crowdedness around its cage or if the cage itself is overcrowded with other birds. Stress can also take place if it hears loud noises.

Keep your budgie in a quiet place and serene environment to make it relaxed and healthy.

4. Overheating

As birds do not have sweat glands, they can’t produce sweat to release temperature when they feel hot. Instead, they open their mouth and lose heat through panting. This task is normal; however, you must talk to your vet if it occurs too much.

Instantly, you can regulate the temperature where you leave your budgie and its cage and give it adequate water to drink. Do not keep the budgie in an overly heated or too cold area.

5. Oral Problems

If your budgie has an oral infection or any other illness in their beaks, they might open their mouth often. Ask your vet about it and look for solutions.

Detecting Early Signs Of Budgie Health Issues

As the budgie’s mouth-opening activity is confusing, you may look for other symptoms to understand if your bird needs special attention. Following are some symptoms that your budgie is not doing well.

  • Not Eating And Drinking
  • Making circles While Walking
  • Sitting At The Bottom Of The Cage
  • Plucking Feathers
  • Inactivity
  • Sitting With Closed Eyes Often
  • Not Preening
  • Decreasing Vocalization
  • Changing in breathing (Slow or Rapid)

How To Take Care Of Your Budgie?

A spacious cage, healthy seeds & veggies, fresh water daily, sunny hours with playful toys, and gentle showers are the perfect combination to keep your budgie healthy.

Apart from that, regular vet visits are another plus point. If you see any unusual behaviour in your budgie, do not hesitate to contact the vet instantly.

I have written a detailed article about budgie care. Be sure to check it out.

So there you have it.

I hope this article helped you understand the positive and negative reasons behind this behavior.

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