Can Budgies Eat Bananas? Safe or Not, Find Out!

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A convenient part of maintaining budgies is that they do not give you trouble with food. New budgie owners often get confused about what fruit to feed their feathered friends. For example, can budgies eat bananas?

Budgies can eat bananas when fed in a modest quantity. Bananas are full of nutrients that are great for budgie’s health. You can also give them the peels if they seem to like them. However, avoid banana snacks when preparing their meals.

In today’s article, find everything about how to and how not to serve your budgies bananas.

Can Budgies Eat Bananas?

Budgie’s original habitats are in the tropical areas of Australia, where bananas grow abundantly. So, naturally, bananas include a portion of the wild budgies’ diet. Suffice it to say that captive budgies can eat them, too.

They find the fruit tasty. Although they do not have as many tastebuds as we do, they like its sweet flavor. Plus, the vivid yellow color appeals to their imagination.

The birds can even eat every part of a banana. Give them the flesh, the peels, or the seeds. They will gladly eat all. And you should not stop them because the nutrients of bananas are very healthy for them.

How Do Bananas Keep My Budgies Healthy?

Bananas contain a wide range of minerals and vitamins that keep your budgie healthy. See them in the table.

NutrientsWhat They Do
PotassiumEnsures growth
IronPrevents anemia
MagnesiumKeeps muscles healthy
AntioxidantsMinimizes risk of heart diseases
Vitamin CImproves immunity
Vitamin APrevents weight loss and swollen eyes
Vitamin B6Increases energy levels

Let’s talk more about them now.


Potassium ensures proper physical development for your budgies’ chicks and helps prevent slow growth. Additionally, it is essential for the well-being of their kidneys.


Iron makes hemoglobin, a protein carrying oxygen. That is vital to minimize the risk of anemia. Contrarily, excessive iron can lead to an illness of iron storage.


Magnesium turns proteins and fats into energy, which your budgies need for daily activities. It maintains their muscle health by allowing them to relax and contract.


Bananas have antioxidants that fight heart disease. So, feeding your bananas relieves your fear of sudden deaths for your little birds.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C magnifies budgies’ immunity by creating antibodies in their system. Furthermore, it pacifies their anxiety and keeps them relaxed.

Vitamin A

Your budgies will not suffer from weight loss and swollen eyes if they have bananas. Their beaks and nails will also maintain appropriate growth.

Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 splits proteins to produce energy like magnesium. It will keep your budgies’ appetite healthy and facilitate their growth. Moreover, it will enable them to lay healthy eggs.

Is It Safe To Feed The Chicks Bananas?

Bananas themselves are safe for the chicks. But if you do not clean the remainder from the chick’s beak, it will be a problem.

Due to the fruit’s mushiness, some small pieces might stick to your baby budgies’ upper beaks, especially on the top bridge. This can slow down their beak growth and lead to a condition called undershot jaw or brachygnathia inferior, which can also be genetic.

Therefore, use a toothpick to clean their beaks after feeding them bananas and other soft foods.

How Should I Prepare Bananas For My Budgies?

Mature budgies can eat bananas on their own, so no preparation is necessary for them. However, cutting the bananas into tiny pieces would be best to keep the quantity moderate. Mix them with others, like strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries. Thus, you can serve them a nutrient-rich fruit salad.

Now, here are some things to bear in mind during the meal preparation.

  • Always purchase fresh bananas. Only pick something you would get for yourself.
  • Rinse them thoroughly with lukewarm water. The peels should not have any traces of dirt.

Can I Make Banana Smoothies For Budgies?

Yes, you can make banana smoothies to feed your budgies. It is particularly great for babies to avoid the risk of beak development issues. Mashed banana is also a good option.

But do not mix anything else when preparing them. It should only be bananas, and there should be no lumps.

Here is a tip. You can offer them cold (very mild) smoothies or sliced frozen bananas during high temperatures. This will keep them cool.

Can Budgies Eat Banana Peels?

Most budgies eat banana peels if they do not cause digestion problems. The peels contain iodine, which is beneficial for their health. However, consider the factors below in this regard.

  • Buy organic bananas grown in controlled environments. So you will not have to worry about chemicals responsible for budgies’ death and reproductive problems.
  • Do not give your birds banana flesh and peels at the same time. Digesting both may be difficult for them.

What About Banana Seeds And Leaves?

Banana seeds are small and harmless black dots inside bananas. Your budgies can eat them as they are not toxic.

As for banana leaves, they lack nutrition. And budgies will not eat them. But you can put them inside their cage so they can play with them.

Is Eating Too Much Bananas Bad For Budgies?

Bananas are sweet fruits. High consumption of fructose or natural sugar can cause health difficulties for your budgies and boost the chances of obesity. Good to remember, it’s not just about bananas, but eating too much of any fruit can cause health problems for birds.

Therefore, it is best to give them bananas only twice a week. As for the moderate quantity, when I mix bananas in my budgies’ meals, I keep the portion between 15% and 20%.

What Are The Banana Snacks I Should Avoid And Why?

Dried banana chips, banana milk, and banana-flavored bread avoid any banana snacks. They are processed foods with preservatives and no nutritional value. Your budgies will eat them, but they will only increase their weight and put them at risk of different diseases.

For instance, banana milk can make your birds sick immediately as they are lactose tolerant. So, avoid them altogether. If you want to bake banana chips without adding anything else, then your birds can have them. Otherwise, say no to junk food!

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