Al Mumtaz Vet Hospital

by Priti Sharma
(Dubai, UAE)

I am staying in Duabi, UAE. I have 4 budgie (2 Blue, 1 White & 1 Yellow)
These has been gifted from one of my friend, but I was really not knowing how to care them but your website given lots of ideas for sure thanks for the same.

One of my male budgie got sick after a long search I got to know an avian vet here in Sharjah Dr. Dea & he diagnosed that my budgie got intestine infection so has dairrhea, he is given him medicine for 5 days but still he is not well, today I have taken another antibiotic for him, I hope he will get cure by this. However I am mentioning here the doctos details so that if some like me need not to run here & there for Avian vet (Which is very difficut to find here in UAE)

Al Mumtaz Vet Hospital
Dr. Dea
Bird & Animal Market, Sharjah, UAE

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