The Cinnamon Budgie

The throat spots, wing markings and barring on a cinnamon budgie are a lovely warm brown shade. The colour on the body is reduced to a paler shade than normal (maybe 2/3 as dark), and the feet and legs are pink rather than grey. The long tail feathers are the usual color but the quill is brownish. As chicks cinnamons have dark plum colored eyes, but these darken as they grow until it is difficult to distinguish from a normal black eye. The cere is the same colour as in wild type birds. The bird above is a skyblue opaline cinnamon.

This variety usually has a lovely soft look to their body feathers (compare this cinnamon and normal) which combines with their markings to make them very attractive.

In this image there is a cinnamon cobalt yellow face blue hen and a normal cobalt yellow face blue hen, they are sisters. You can see the difference in markings colour and the strength of the blue. The light green budgie below has had the colour of her markings altered by the camera flash, but you can see the brown quill in its tail feather. This can be a handy identifying whether you have a greyish cinnamon or a brownish greywing.

Cinnamon Budgie Genetics

Cinnamon has sex-linked recessive inheritance. That means it is found on the X chromosome, and is recessive to Normal. If that does not make sense to you please return to the Budgie Genetics page and have a read.

Here are the basics of it's inheritance:

Cinnamon x Cinnamon =
-100% Cinnamon

Cinnamon cock x Normal hen =
-50% Normal/Cinnamon cocks
-50% Cinnamon hens

Normal cock x Cinnamon hen =
-50% Normal/Cinnamon cocks
-50% Normal hens

Normal/Cinnamon cock x Normal hen =

-25% Normal cocks
-25% Normal/Cinnamon cocks
-25% Cinnamon hens
-25% Normal hens

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