10 Common Signs Your Budgie Doesn’t Like You Explained

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Are you wondering if your budgie hates you? You are not the only one thinking that. Trust me, almost all pet bird owners have been through this phase at least once in their bird parenting lifetimes.

Budgies and other birds can get irritated and show unusual behaviors that might make you think they don’t like you. Well, the right word for this situation might not be hate or dislike, but there are situations when your bird can feel discomfort around you.

In this article, you will know how to tell if your budgie doesn’t like you, why it happens, and how to regain your feathered friend’s trust and favoritism.

10 Signs That Your Budgie Doesn’t Like You

The first thing you must remember is every budgie is different. The signs your budgie is showing don’t necessarily always mean it hates you. So, if you are still confused about the signs, ask for a vet’s action in this case.

1. Runs And Flies Away

Budgies, like any other pets, have their comfort zones. If your budgie constantly runs or quickly flies away when you approach, it may be uncomfortable. This behavior doesn’t necessarily mean your budgie hates you, but it could suggest they are feeling uneasy or anxious. 

Pay attention to the context. It may tell you what makes your budgie uncomfortable if it happens during certain activities or in specific locations.

2. Screams

Unusual vocalizations, especially screams, can signify distress in budgies. Budgies are known for their chirps and tweets. But intense screaming may indicate that something is wrong with your feathered friend. 

Observe if it is in response to a specific noise, activity, or interaction. Try to understand why it screams, then remove the triggering reason.

3. Hides In Corner

Usually, budgies are amiable creatures. But, if your budgie hides in the cage or any corner of your house when it is free, it may show something is wrong. Your budgie is telling you to leave it alone with this activity.

The hiding behavior could occur due to fear of unknown people, new places, or loud noises. So, keep a calm and secure environment to understand why your budgie is doing so and resolve the issue. 

4. Flaps Wings At You

Wing flapping in budgies can have multiple meanings. Budgies naturally flap their wings to stretch, which is healthy. They also remove dust or dirt from their bodies with wing flapping. 

But, if it does it frequently and especially around you in an aggressive manner, then understand something is bothering your budgie. 

5. Bites You

Budgie bites to show affection as well as aggression. If your budgie bites you, it’s essential to understand the reason. Are they biting out of fear or frustration or as a way of saying they’ve had enough interaction? 

Observing their body language before a bite will give you ideas about their emotions. Slowly building trust through positive interactions can help minimize biting behavior.

6. Breaths Faster

Heavy or fast breathing can indicate any health issues in budgies. It also sometimes showcases signs of not liking the owner or environment it is living in. Your budgie might start breathing fast out of anxiousness when you are around.

It may be because it is not liking your presence at the moment.

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7. Refrains From Eating

Budgies generally have hearty appetites, and losing interest in food may signal an underlying problem. It could be related to health issues, stress, or environmental changes. It may refuse to eat from your hands or its food bowl when it doesn’t like you.

Keep a close eye on their eating patterns. If the behavior continues, seek professional advice to treat your budgie.

8. Hissing

Hissing is a defensive behavior in budgies. They hiss when anybody invades into their personal space or irritates them. Hissing is also a representation of anger or fear in budgies. If your budgie hisses when you are near it, maybe your behavior is triggering it.

So, respect its boundaries, find out your triggering act, and correct it.

9. Does Not Preen In Front Of You

Preening is a grooming procedure budgies do to clean and freshen up themselves. Usually, they preen in front of people they trust. If it is in front of you, it means they are feeling comfortable and they trust you a lot.

But, if you catch it stopping preening as soon as you come in front of them, it might mean they are uncomfortable with you. So, look out for the discomfort reason and rectify it. 

10. Always On Guard Around You

Budgies stay relaxed and live well in places where they feel safe. But, when it feels unsafe, it might stay on guard. This means it might stand very alert and refuse to relax. If it happens frequently in front of you, the possibility is, that it is considering you as a danger. 

To help your feathered friend chill out, try spending time with them calmly, give them space, and be patient.

How To Make A Budgie Love You? – Tame Your Budgie

Don’t worry too much if your budgie has started disliking you. Give it time, follow some measures, and act accordingly to regain your budgie’s trust.

Be Gentle

Approach your budgie with a gentle touch. Birds are sensitive, so move slowly and avoid sudden movements. Let them get used to your presence by being patient and calm.

Gradually extend your hand for them to inspect, allowing them to become familiar with your touch at their own pace.

Reward Good Behavior

Positive reinforcement works great in taming budgies. When your budgies act something good, sit on your hand, or talk to you, reward them with treats. Use small amounts of treats to reward them for every positive act.

It will make your budgie feel validated and start trusting you. 

Speak Softly To Them

Budgies respond well to soft and soothing voices. When interacting with your budgie, speak to them calmly and gently. Loud noises or yelling disturb them and make them feel unsafe.

So, avoid such behavior and promote healthier interactions.

Do Not Cuddle Them Forcefully

Cuddling with your pet is enjoyable. But, sometimes your pet budgie might not like cuddling with you. They set their own boundaries and you should maintain that. Forceful cuddling can also make your budgie avoid you out of discomfort. 

So, let your budgie come to you if it wants cuddles, and do not force do anything to your feathered friend.

Let The Budgie Be Comfortable On Its Own Time

Each budgie has its own personality and pace. Some may warm up quickly, while others may take more time. Allow your budgie to explore and understand their surroundings at their own pace. Creating a comfortable environment with familiar toys and perches helps them feel secure.

Finally, you’ve reached the end of the article.

I hope this article helped you understand how to tell if your budgie doesn’t like you. And you also learned ways to make birds love and like you.

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